Mario Bosquez '78
The Barrio Kid Morphs into a Renaissance Hombre

By Donna Parker

“Good Morning, I’m Mario Bosquez.”

“If I had a nickel for every time I’ve said that – I’d be a rich man!” jokes CBS2 News anchor Mario Bosquez ’78 – the first full-time Chicano anchor on English television in New York and celebrated author of his first book, The Chalupa Rules: A Latino Guide to Gringolandia.

Those are just the headlines. Mario’s real feat was overcoming domestic violence and financial hardship, growing up poor in a small Texas town. Loteria, the Mexican game of chance and traditional Spanish proverbs, pulled him through.

“I grew up hearing things like, ‘don’t act like the newest chicken in the henhouse’ and ‘you have a beggar’s body – wear what you have with pride,’” says Bosquez, who parlayed these pearls of wisdom into his Chalupa Rules book. That last saying came in handy when a business suit was required for a mock Trinity newscast. His mother used a 25-cent box of dye on a second-hand suit. That same suit helped her son to nail his first broadcasting job.

Meet the kid from the barrio who matured into anchoring the news, writing books, and performing stand up comedy on Broadway.

Those seeds for success were planted on the Trinity campus where Mario majored in broadcast journalism and Spanish.

“My Trinity education helped fuel me with the drive and know-how to succeed in this difficult business,” says Mario.

Upon graduation in 1978, Mario hit the ground running. The rookie proved himself in the San Antonio market when he was forced to take cover behind the wheel of a car as sniper bullets whizzed by his ear. Cool and collected, he delivered a live report on KSAT TV amidst the barrage of gunfire. He spent the next 16 years reporting the news and hosting PM Magazine before the big time came knocking at his door.

For the past 12 years, he’s been one of the most recognizable faces in New York. Mario is often greeted by passers-by who call out his name. The kid from the barrio is always pleased to answer back in so many ways – on the television news, as a stand-up comic at Caroline’s in the City, and with his newest book The Chalupa Rules – his guidelines for success from which he hopes many others will benefit.