Arturo Madrid


Norine R. and T. Frank Murchison Distinguished Professor of the Humanities


Department of Modern Languages & Literatures                                          Telephone:  210/999-8373

Trinity University                                                                                          Fax:  210/999-8370

One Trinity Place                                                                                         E-Mail:  AMadrid @    

San Antonio, TX  78212                                             




Founding President, The Tomás Rivera Center, a national institute for policy studies on Latino issues, with offices in Claremont, CA and San Antonio, TX, 1984-1993


Professor, 1979-1986; Associate Professor, 1973-1979; and Chair, 1976-1978, Department of Spanish and Portuguese; University of Minnesota.  On Leave, January 1975-June 1976; 1980-83; January 1985-June 1986.


Associate Dean and Executive Officer, 1979-1980; Associate Dean of Humanities and Fine Arts, 1978-1979; College of Liberal Arts, University of Minnesota


Director, Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE) and Minority Institutions Science Improvement Program (MISIP), U.S. Department of Education, 1980-1981


Director, Ford Foundation Graduate Fellowships Program for Mexican Americans, Native Americans, and Puerto Ricans, 1975-1976; National Director, 1976-1981


Assistant Professor of Literature and Coordinator, Third World Studies, University of California, San Diego, 1970-1973


Assistant Professor of Spanish and Portuguese, 1965-1970; Coordinator, Urban Education Program, 1969-1970; and Director, Foreign Study Programs in Spain (1966), Mexico (1970), and Costa Rica (1970), Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH




B.A.     University of New Mexico, Spanish and Comparative Literature, 1960, with                  honors in Spanish


M.A.    University of California, Los Angeles, Spanish Literature, 1965


Ph.D.   University of California, Los Angeles, Hispanic Languages and Literatures, 1969




Matt Garcia Service Award, Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund, 2002.


Doctor of Letters, Honoris Causa, Pomona College, 2002.


Tomas Rivera Lifetime Achievement Award, The 15th Annual Tomas Rivera Conference, University of California, Riverside, 2002.


Visiting Research Scholar, The Center for Regional Studies, The University of New Mexico, Summer, 2000.


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Visiting Policy Fellow, The Rockefeller Institute, Dartmouth College, October, 1999.


The President’s Medal, Brooklyn College, 1997.


The Charles Frankel Prize, the National Endowment for the Humanities, 1996.


The Cecil and Ida Green Honors Professor, Texas Christian University, 1997.


LL.D., Mt. Holyoke College, 1997


LH.D., California State University, Hayward, 1993


LL.D., New England College, 1990


Fellow, National Academy of Public Administration, 1992 -


Fellow, Council of Foreign  Relations, 1990-


Fellow, Pacific Council on International Policy, 1995-


Distinguished Scholar Award, National Association of Chicano Studies, 1991


Outstanding Accomplishment in Higher Education (1993), Hispanic Caucus, The American Association of Higher Education


Distinguished Leadership in Higher Education (1987).  Hispanic Caucus, The American Association of Higher Education.


Outstanding Faculty Member of the Year (1998), Texas Association of Chicanos in Higher Education.


Phi Kappa Phi, National Honor Society, 1960


Woodrow Wilson Fellowship (Honorary), 1960





A.  Boards


The National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education. Founding Member, Board of Directors, 1998- present; Member, Executive Committee


Latino/a Journal of Research & Policy, Latino/a Research & Policy Center, University of Colorado, Denver, Editorial Advisory Board, 1998-


Charter School Resource Center of Texas, Board of Directors, 1997-.


Arte Público Press, University of Houston, Board of Directors, 1996-


Intercultural Development Research Association, Board of Directors, 1994 -


Tandy Technology Scholars Program, National Advisory Council, 1989 -


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B.  Projects (Current)


Member of Advisory Committee to “Visiones,”  a documentary film project of the National Association of Latino Arts and Culture.  Also Chair, Advisory Committee to National Endowment for the Humanities documentary proposal on Latino Arts and Culture, 2001-







Latino USA.  Chair, National Advisory Board, 1999-2001


Inter-University Program for Latino Research, Chair, National Advisory Board, 1995-2000


Universidad Autónoma de México Foundation, Founding Member, Board of Directors, 1999-2001


The Center for Southwest Studies,  Southern Methodist University, Board of Advisors,1997-1999


San Antonio Museum of Art, Board of Directors, 1994 -99  .  Vice-Chair 1997-98


Hispanic Cultural Foundation of New Mexico, Board of Directors, 1996-1999


National Chicano Council for Higher Education, Founding Trustee, 1975-present; President, 1975-present.


Teacher Education Review Panel, Dewitt Wallace-Reader’s Digest Fund Incentive Award Program, Institute for Educational Inquiry, 1995-1998


National Center for Education and the Economy, Founding Trustee, 1988 - 1997


Partnership for Hope, Board of Directors, 1994-1996


Educational Alliance of Colorado, National Advisory Committee.  1992-1997


Center for California Higher Education Policy, Board of Trustees, 1994-1997


Texas Public Radio, Board of Directors, 1995-1997


Vision Commission, The University of Houston System, 1996-1997


National Civic League, Board of Directors, 1993-1995


Center for California Higher Education Policy.  Senior Fellow.  1992-1993


California Community Foundation, Board of Governors, 1992-1994


National Committee for Standards in the Arts, National Committee Member, 1992-1994


National Standards Commission, Board of Directors, 1990-1996.



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Latino Museum for Art, Culture and History, Founding Trustee, 1989-1994


Center for Research on Effective Schooling for Disadvantaged Students, The Johns Hopkins University, National Advisory Board, 1989-1994


Center for Politics and Policy, Claremont Graduate School, Senior Associate, 1990-1993


Council for Basic Education, Board of Directors, 1989-1991


Committee for Economic Development, Task Force on Education, 1989


Association of Governing Boards, Higher Education Issues Panel, 1989-1992


The National Board for Teaching Standards,  Founding Member, Board of Directors, 1987-1988


Education Commission of the States, Policy and Priorities Committee, 1987-1991


National Center for Postsecondary Governance and Finance, University of Maryland, National Advisory Board 1986-1989


The Pew Higher Education Research Roundtable, 1986-1992


College Board, Board of Trustees, 1985-1989; Chair, Advisory Panel, National Hispanic Scholar Achievement Program 1982-1989


Carnegie Forum on Education and the Economy, Task Force on Teaching as a Profession, 1985-1986


The Center for Early Adolescence, Board of Advisors, 1985-1990


The American Association for the Advancement of Science, National Council on Science and Technology Education, 1985-1990


National Science Board, Commission on Pre-College Education in Science, Mathematics and Technology, 1982-1983


American Council on Education, Commission on Minorities, 1982-1986; Chair, 1982-1984


American Association for Higher Education, Board of Trustees, 1979-1980


Projects (Recent)


Member of  Advisory Committee to “The Rio Grande,”  a documentary film project of the Rio Grande Institute, 2002.


Member of Advisory Committee to Paso al Norte, A Museum of Immigration, a project of the University of Texas, El Paso, 2002.


Member of Advisory Committee to “Tejano Poetry,” a documentary film project by Ray Santistevan, Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center, 2001.



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A.  Articles and Published Lectures


“Imagining Ourselves:  The role of Arts and Culture for Latinos,” El Aviso, pp. 6-7 and 10-11, Vol. 4, No. 1., Spring 2002.


Aliens, Misfits, and Interlopers:   The Racialized Imagining of the U.S. Latino Communities at the End of the Twentieth Century,”  in Race in 21st Century America, edited by Curtis Stokes, Theresa Melendez, and Genice Rhodes-Reed.   Michigan State University Press, Lansing (MI), 2001.


Juntos y revueltos:  The Latino Community at the End of the 20th Century.”  An electronic publication of the Center for Latin American Studies, Mt. Holyoke College, 1997.


“Because I like the Questions,” in The Condition of American Liberal Education:  Pragamatism and a Changing Tradition, edited by Robert Orrill (New York: CEEB, 1995) 250-252.


“Arts Literacy Across American Culture,” The Vision for Arts Education in the 21st Century, Music Educators National Conference 1994, pp. 10-12.


"A just and fair society,"  The 1991 Martin Buskin Memorial Lecture, National Education Writers Association, 1991.


"Official English:  A false policy issue," Annals of the American Academy for Political Science, 508, March, 1990, pp. 62-65.


"Diversity and its discontents,"  in Academe, Bulletin of the American Association of University Professors, November-December 1990, pp. 15-19.  Reprinted in State Government News, January 1989, Vol. 32. No. 1, pp. 23-25.  Also in Intercultural Communication, A Reader, edited by Larry A. Samovar and Richard E. Porter, Wadsworth Publishing Co., Belmont, CA  (1991),  pp. 115-118,


"Missing people and others:  Joining together to expand the circle, "  Change Magazine, May-June, 1988, pp. 55-59.


"What do we want from institutions of higher education and why?"  The Role of the Faculty in Meeting the National Need for African American, American Indian, and Latino Scholars, Report of The Stony Brook Conference I, New York:  The Graduate School, State University of New York at Stony Brook and the New York African American Institute, 1989, pp 1-4.


"California Post-Secondary education:  Education for whom?"  La Red, Fall, 1986, pp. 1-4.


"Quality/Diversity:  Is there a dilemma?"  Addresses and Proceedings:  Educational Coherence in a Multi-Cultural Society, Western College Association, Oakland California, 1985.


"Overcoming the only phenomenon: Chicano and Puerto Rican professionals in higher education," Hispanics in Higher Education:  The Next 25 Years, edited by Leonard Valverde, Office for Advanced Research in Hispanic Education, College of Education, University of Texas, Austin, November, 1982, pp. 21-30.

Page 6.  Curriculum Vitae for Arturo Madrid, Murchison Distinguished Professor.


Articles and Published Lectures, cont’d.


"La problemática de la experiencia y la literatura chicana," Casa de las Américas, numero 114, mayo-junio 1979, and Ideologies and Literature, Vol. 2, no. 10 Fall 1979.  Also as "Problematica dell'esperienza e della letteratura chicana," in Culture e Letterature del Caraibi, Edizonie Borla, Roma, 1985 edited by Silvio Bertocci.


"The Bakke decision and its implications for the future of Chicanos in higher education," El Mirlo Canta de Noticatlán, Vol. 6., no. 2, November-December, 1978, pp. 1-8.


"Pochos:  The different Mexicans," Aztlán, International Journal of Chicano Studies Research, Vol. 7, no. 1, Winter 1977, pp. 51-64.


"After Bakke:  Chicanos in higher education,"  TACHE Newsletter, Fall 1976.


"Alambristas, braceros, mojados, norteños:  Aliens in Aztlán," Aztlán, International Journal of Chicano Studies Research, Vol. 6, no. 1, Winter 1975, pp. 27-41.


"Towards an understanding of the Chicano experience," Aztlán, International Journal of Chicano Studies Research, Vol. 4, no. 1, Spring 1974, pp. 185-193.


"In search of the authentic pachuco," Aztlán, International Journal of Chicano Studies Research, Vol. 4, no. 1, Spring 1974, pp. 31-60.



B.  Reports


Chicanos in Higher Education:  Status and Issues, A Report of the National Chicano Commission of Higher Education, Aztlán Publications, University of California, Los Angeles, 1976 (with Ronald López and Reynaldo Flores Macías).


Report of the President's Task Force on Chicano Concerns, University of Minnesota, December 1977 (with Fred Lukermann).


International Studies and Language Instruction:  The Role of the College of Liberal Arts in Preparing Students for a Global Age, University of Minnesota, August, 1981 (with Russell G. Hamilton).


C.  Interviews (published)


"Arturo Madrid," A World of Ideas, Bill Moyers, New York:  Doubleday, 1989, pp. 212-220.


"Arturo Madrid on diversity," Southern California Philanthropy, Winter, 1992, Vol. 1, No. 2, pp. 6-8.


"The 21st Century as the era of minorities: an interview with Arturo Madrid," Monthly Gendai, Tokyo, Japan, February 1, 1992, pp. 319-322 ( in Japanese).



Page 7.  Curriculum Vitae for Arturo Madrid, Murchison Distinguished Professor.


D.  Reviews


Rodriguez, Richard.  Brown. The Last Discovery of America. Little-Brown, New York, 2002. Reviewed in The San Antonio Express News, May 2002.


“Assignment Mexico:  History & Art from the Photojournalists of the San Antonio Express-News,”  A Photographic Exhibition, UNAM San Antonio.  Reviewed in the San Antonio Express-News, Monday, November 27, 1995.


Lamm, Richard and Gary Imhoff, The Immigration Time Bomb:  The Fragmenting of America, New York:  E.P. Dutton.  Reviewed in the Los Angeles Times, May 12, 1986.


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Rodríguez, Richard, Hunger of Memory, Boston:  Godine Press, 1982.  Reviewed in La Red/The Net, monthly newsletter of the National Chicano Research Network, Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan, No. 53, April 1982.


Castro-Klaren, Sara, El Mundo Mágico de José María Arguedas, Lima:  Instituto de Estudios Peruanos, 1974.  Reviewed in the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine, October, 1974.


Craig, Richard B., The Bracero Program, Austin:  University of Texas Press, 1971.  Reviewed in Labor History, Spring 1973.



E.  Forewords


Foreword to Latinos and Education:  A Critical Reader,  New York:  Routledge, 1997, edited by Antonia Darder, Rodolfo D. Torres, and Henry Gutiérrez.


Foreword to Latino College Students, New York:  Teachers College Press, 1986, edited by Michael Olivas.


Foreword to Are English Language Amendments in The National Interest?, Claremont:  The Tomas Rivera Center, 1987, edited by Reynaldo Flores Macias.


E.  Creative Work and Translations


"Se fueron," Revista Chicano-Riqueña, University of Indiana, año IV, número 4, diciembre, 1978.


"Travels," a translation of Chapter II, "Los Viajes," of Los Ríos Profundos by José Mariá Arguedas, in Latin American Literary Review, Winter 1975, Vol. IV, no. 8, pp. 141-149 (with Sara Castro-Klaren).




Page 8.  Curriculum Vitae for Arturo Madrid, Murchison Distinguished Professor.


F.  Op-Ed Essays and Editorials


“Images of Latinos often unfair, degrading,”San Antonio Express News, February 1, 2002.


Memory and History:  150 Years after The Tratado of Guadalupe Hidalgo,”  The New Mexican, February 22, 1998.  Reprinted in the San Antonio Express-News, March 3, 1998.


"School choice:  A decade of distraction," in Basic Education, A Monthly Forum for Analysis & Comment, Council for Basic Education, Vol. 34, No. 3, November 1989, with Juan Lara.  Also in The Los Angeles Times, January 8, 1990.


"Sharing the burden:  A response to America's growing demographic divisions," commentary feature in Trustee Quarterly, Fall 1989.  Also as "The disparate burden of U.S. Hispanics,"  Hispanics Today, December, 1989, Vol. No.8, pp. 4 and 12.



"Preparing for the 90's," Hispanic Link Weekly Report, September 25, 1989.


"The official-language myth," Hispanic Link Weekly Report, April 3, 1989.

Page 7.  Curriculum Vitae for Arturo Madrid, Murchison Distinguished Professor


"A case of slander," Hispanic Link Weekly Report, January 9, 1989.


"Don't blame Hispanics for schools' failure," Hispanic Link Weekly Report, December 31, 1988.


"The English-only movement," San Diego Union-Tribune, October 7, 1986.



LECTURES (recent)


“We did not arrive yesterday:  A brief history of research on the Mexican communities of the U.S. in the 20th Century.” Inaugural lecture, Lecture Series of the Chicano Studies Program in the Arts and Humanities, University of California, San Diego, October 31, 2002.


“No llegamos ayer (y no nos vamos mañana):  Las investigaciones sobre las comunidades mexicanas en EE.UU. en el siglo veinte.” Conferencia Magistral, Encuentro Chicano-Mexicano, CEPE, UNAM, Mexico, D.F. 16 de octubre de 2002.


“Of heretics and interlopers:  A life,” Last Lecture, Trinity University, February 2002.


“’His Hands Gathered Books:’  Tomas Rivera and the Province of Books.”  Rededication of the Tomas Rivera University Library, University of California, Riverside, November 31, 2001


“Walls and Windows:  Community and an Age of Insecurity.”  Second Annual HACU-Sueltenfuss Lecture, Our Lady of the Lake University, San Antonio, November 1, 2001


“Imagining Ourselves:  The Role of Art and Culture in the Latino Community.”  National Association for Latino Arts and Culture Leadership Development Seminar, San Antonio, July 9, 2001



Page 9.  Curriculum Vitae for Arturo Madrid, Murchison Distinguished Professor.


LECTURES (cont’d)


“The U.S.Latino Community at the beginning of the 21st Century,”  The Weyland Collegium, Brown University, April 19, 2001.


“Diversity and its Discontents: A Re-examination at the Beginning of the Millennium,”  Humanities Forum, The University of Maryland, Baltimore County, March 14, 2001; Texas Christian University, April 6, 2001; Pomona College, April 25, 2001.


“Assuring Opportunity in the Face of Privilege:The Challenge for Community Colleges in the 21st Century.”  Keynote Address, Annual Meeting of the Association of Community College Trustees,  Nashville, Tennessee, October 20, 2000.


“Of heretics and interlopers:  a family memoir.”  Dartmouth College, October 21, 1999 and The Center for Regional Studies, The University of New Mexico, August 24, 2000.


Imagined Latino Communties:  The Challenge of the Coming Century.”  Mount Holyoke College, October 19, 1999 and Dartmouth College, October 20, 1999.


“Of Human letters and Latino lifes:  Why Chicano Literature Matters.”  Keynote Address, NEH Summer Seminar on Chicano Literature, University of Texas, San Antonio, July 25, 1999.


"Por la ventana:  Chicanos and Higher Education.  A Personal Memoir." The 14th Annual Ernesto Galarza Lecture, sponsored by the Center for the Study of Race and Ethnicity and the Center for Chicano Research, Stanford University, Stanford, CA., May 7, 1999.


"The Racial Status of Latinos at the end of the 20th Century," Keynote Address, Conference on Race in the 21st Century, Michigan State University, East Lansing, April 9, 1999.


"Latinos and the future of San Antonio," UTSA Policy Symposium, San Antonio, TX. March 25, 1999.


“Imagining the U.S. Latino Community:  Our Challenge for the 21st Century,” Inaugural Address, 1st Annual Latino Leadership Lecture Series, Our Lady of the Lake University, October 26, 1998.


“La cultura y el lenguage del pueblo latino de EE UU:  un reto a la hegemonía estadounidense?” Conferencia Magistral, Instituto de Estudios Filológicos, Universidad Autónoma de México, Ciudad de México, DF, 24 de junio, 1998.  También el el Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Oaxaca, Oaxaca, OA ., 14 de agosto, 1998.


“American History and Hispano Memory,” Keynote Address, 150th Anniversary Symposium, Tratado de Guadalupe Hidalgo, Santa Fe (NM), February 18, 1998.


“Learning is Forever,” Keynote, 13th Annual Tandy Technology Scholars Awards Ceremony, Fort Worth Independent School District, Fort Worth Texas, April 29, 1998


Contra viento y marea:  The Continuing Struggle for the Advancement of the Latino Community of the U.S.,”  El Patronato Nacional de México, San Antonio, November 17, 1997.




Page 10.  Curriculum Vitae for Arturo Madrid, Murchison Distinguished Professor.


LECTURES (cont’d)


“Hispanics/Latinos:  What’s in a name?  Engaging students in learning.”  Keynote Address, 17th Annual Lilly Conference on CollegeTeaching, Miami University (OH), November 20, 1997.


 “ ‘We Come to Better your Condition…,’: History, Community and Learning on the New Mexico Frontier.”  Keynote Address, Ninth Annual  Community Building Forum, Miami University (OH), November 21, 1997.


“American Realities and Latino Possibilities,” Latino Heritage Week, University of Texas, San Antonio, Downtown Campus, September 15, 1997.


Education, Community, and Diversity:  Facing the Future, ”  Convocation Address, St. Cloud University, September 3, 1997.


“Mexico’s Presence in the U.S.,” Trinity University Alumni College, June 27, 1997.


“Less is not More (where education is concerned),”  Commencement Address, Brooklyn College, June  10, 1997.


“New Mexico’s Hispanos and the Imagined American Community in the 19th and 20th Century,” The Third Annual Mangels Lecture, The Graduate School, The University of Washington, Seattle, WA.  May 9, 1997.


“It’s the Questions that Matter,” 1997 Honors Award Convocation, Trinity University, April 5, 1997.


“Panorama de los latinos en los EEUU y su importancia para el Siglo XX,” Conferencia Magistral, El Centro de de 1996 Enseñanza para Extranjeros, Universidad Autónoma de México, México DF, 12 de marzo.


Juntos y revueltos:  The U.S. Latino Community at the end of the 20th Century, ”  The Second Annual Schomburg-Moreno Lecture, Mt. Holyoke College, April 4, 1996