Chemistry and Biochemistry Research

Summer 2013

***Students interested in learning more about the summer 2013 research opportunities are encouraged to attend our information session on Thursday, January 24, at 4:00 p.m. in CSI 448.  The following guidelines apply:

Elibility:  Students who have completed CHEM 1318 (or have AP credit) and will complete CHEM 2319 by May 2013 with a continued interest in chemistry.

Requirements: 10 weeks of full-time participation over the summer of 2013 and presentation of results at the end of summer research symposium.

Number of Positions Available:  A total of 27-39 new positions will be available this year, varying per research group from 1 to 13.

Stipend:  Generally $3750-$4250, depending on funding sources and student experience.

Application Due:  February 15, 2013

The Application Process:

Click here to download a description of the research opportunities for each professor.  This is the new 2013 version!

 Click here to download the pre-application information sheet, accepted anytime after Jan. 24 (the sooner the better!)

 After you have spoken to at least three professors and have a ranked list of your preferences for placement into a group:

Click here to download the final application, due Feb. 15.  Fill out the coversheet and chemistry supplement application form.  Send both forms and a copy of your transcript to Terry Gonzalez in the Department of Chemistry.  This link will also take you to the page with other Trinity summer opportunities.

 We will notify applicants of their status by March 8, 2013.  A few positions will remain undecided until we hear about all funding opportunities.  We also encourage students who are more broadly interested in summer research to attend the campus-wide research information session on Jan. 23, 4:00 p.m. in the Great Hall.

Contact:   For more information, contact Dr. Adam Urbach, program coordinator (, or any faculty member in the Department of Chemistry.