PHIL 1300
Introduction to Philosophy

Spring, 2012
Curtis Brown

Course Materials


Review Information for First Exam

Information on the Paper

The materials below are from a previous offering of this class, which used a different text. I will add updated information for the current semester as it progresses.

Review Information for Second Exam (fall 2007)
Review Information for Final Exam (fall 2007)

paper handout
paper checklist - a short list of criteria you should try to make sure your paper meets


This section contains miscellaneous introductory notes on a number of topics in philosophy. Most of them are not specifically geared to this semester's text, but you may still find them useful.


What is Philosophy?
Notes on Perry & Bratman's Introduction
Russell on the Objective Point of View

Philosophy of Religion

Anselm's Ontological Argument
Aquinas's Cosmological and Teleological Arguments

Metaphysics and Epistemology

Plato: Two Worlds 
Rationalism: Plato and Descartes
Berkeley: An Overview
Hume on Experimental Inference

Sober on epistemology  

Free Will and Determinism

Philosophy of Mind

The "indubitable existence" argument for dualism
Behaviorism: Overview
The Identity Theory: Overview


Metaethics (summary and discussion of Sober)


There are far too many useful web resources in philosophy for me to attempt to link a significant percentage of them. I recommend the following sites as sources of useful links: Guide to Philosophy on the Internet and Episteme Links. Here are few links on particular topics covered in this class:

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