Philosophy 2340
Symbolic Logic

Spring, 2017

Course Materials

Course materials are on the TLEARN site, which should be your primary source of information about the course. As a convenience, some information is available here also.


Assignments (tentative)



Languages of First-Order Logic (Overview)  
General Strategy for Constructing Proofs
Advice on Doing Proofs    
General strategy for quantifier translations

Chapter 1 (and some preliminaries)
Chapter 1 advice on problems
Chapter 2
Chapter 3   
Chapter 3 advice on problems
Chapter 4  
Chapters 5 and 6  
Chapter 6 advice on problems (brief)
Chapter 7  
Chapter 7 advice on problems 
Chapter 8 advice on problems 
Chapter 9
Chapter 9 advice on problems 
Chapter 10  
Chapter 11 advice on problems
Chapter 13
Chapter 13 advice on problems
Chapter 14 advice on problems


Equivalent Formulations of Propositional Logic (PDF format)
Alternative Systems of Propositional Logic  
Gdel's Incompleteness Theorems  
Intro to Set Theory  

Review Materials

see TLEARN site for review materials for examinations


Language, Proof, and Logic Support page for our text and the associated software. You can download more recent versions of the programs bundled with the text if you wish.

Homepage for the Grade Grinder. Includes FAQ, online grade reports, etc.

John Etchemendy One of the co-authors of our text.

Jon Barwise A memorial for the other co-author of our text (1942-2000).

Peter Suber's collection of logic-related links.  Lots and lots of stuff.

Peter Suber's logic course.  Includes many on line handouts.

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