Switzerland Trip
May 2011
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Walking toward the castle in Thun
Friday, May 27 was our only rainy day, and we used it to pay a visit to Thun.


View from the castle
You can see the Thunersee in the distance.



Early morning view from the chalet
Took this picture Saturday morning before driving to Lausanne.



Castle at Yvoire
From Lausanne, we took a two-hour boat ride on Lac Leman, ending at Yvoire, France.



Lauren, Matthew, and Kathy
Enjoying the view on the boat ride back to Lausanne



Hiking from Lauterbrunnen to Wengen
This hike on Sunday morning was really fun. About an hour and a quarter going up, with a gain in elevation of about 1600 feet. Much quicker coming back down!


View of Lauterbrunnen
From the hike back down from Wengen.


One last picture from the balcony of the chalet
We had to leave at 5:00 AM the next morning (Monday) to get to the Zürich airport in time.



Last Dinner in Switzerland

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