PHIL 3432
Philosophy of Science

Fall, 2016
Curtis Brown

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Handouts below are from the previous offering of the course; I will update them as the semester progresses.

Possible Topics for Presentations and Papers

Review for the Midterm Exam

Possible Questions for the Midterm Exam

Review for the Final Exam

Possible Questions for the Final Exam


Introduction: What is the Aim of Science?

Demarcation 1: Some demarcation proposals

Demarcation 2: Creation Science Readings

Hempel's Model of Explanation (includes discussion of criticisms and alternatives)

van Fraassen on Explanation

Some Arguments for Scientific Realism

Realism and Constructive Empiricism

Fine on the Natural Ontological Attitude


The Semantic Conception of Theories


Induction and Confirmation

Logic Symbols (some of the essays in our text use logical symbolism; here's a quick overview)

Probability: A Quick Introduction (pdf)

Bayes's Theorem and the Philosophy of Science (pdf)

Bayesian Theory Evaluator (Java applet)

Experimental "Learning Object" on Bayes' Theorem (in progress, but there's a fair amount there)

Notes on Kuhn, Structure of Scientific Revolutions

Laudan on Holism

Science and Values

Gould on "Non-Overlapping Magisteria"

Modern Physics and Metaphysics

Sociology of Science: Haack and Latour

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