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This page does not list everything on this site. Many of my pages contain specific organizational information about particular classes -- e.g. syllabi, reading schedules, information about papers, etc. None of this material is indexed here. Over time, though, the site has acquired some pages that actually have some substantive content about particular areas of philosophy; these are the pages I have attempted to index here.


History of Philosophy
Metaphysics and Epistemology
Philosophy of Mind
Philosophy of Language
Philosophy of Religion
Philosophy of Science
Philosophy and Computer Science

History of Philosophy


Aristotle's Ethics
Plato: Two Worlds
Appearance and Reality in Plato's Phaedrus (pdf slides)


Some Themes in Early Modern Philosophy
Philosophy of Language: The Early Modern Background


Overview of Meditations I-II
Meditation III: Questions
Descartes: Formal and Objective Reality
Descartes: Some Major Points


The "One Substance" Argument of Ethics Part I
Spinoza, Themes from Part I after Prop. 14
Spinoza, Part II: Some Themes


Notes on the Monadology


Locke on Substance
Locke on Power  
Locke on Knowledge
Locke on Judgment, Faith, Reason, etc.


Berkeley Overview
Berkeley: Some Main Arguments


Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding, I-II 
Hume on Experimental Inference


Kant Overview (longish -- about 8000 words)
Kant: How Is Synthetic Knowledge A Priori Possible?
Kant - Transcendental Deduction
Kant - Paralogisms (on the nature of the self)
Kant - Third Antinomy (on freedom and necessity)
Kant's Ethics


Aristotle's Ethics
Kant's Ethics 
Some Comparisons between Ethical Theories
Metaethics Overview (Summary and critique of Sober, Core Questions)


Moral Truths and Moral Principles (draft)

Metaphysics and Epistemology

Time: Four-Dimensionalism
Time Travel: Heinlein and Lewis
Persistence through Time
Persistence, Endurance, Perdurance: Arguments
McTaggart on the Unreality of Time
Quine on Time

Universals 1
Universals 2
Particulars: Bundles of Universals?

Possible Worlds: Lewis and Plantinga (pdf slides)

Personal Identity

Reduction, Supervenience, etc. (pdf slides)

Free Will and Determinism
Dennett on Libertarianism (pdf)
Plato: Two Worlds
Rationalism: Plato and Descartes
Epistemology Overview (following Sober in Core Questions)

Notes on Peter van Inwagen, Metaphysics

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Individuality
Chapter 5: Objectivity
Chapter 6: Ontological Argument (pdf slides)
Chapter 7: Cosmological Argument (pdf slides)
Chapter 9: Teleological Argument (pdf)
Chapter 10: Dualism (pdf)
Chapter 11: Personal Identity and Dualism


Internal Realism: Transcendental Idealism? Midwest Studies in Philosophy 12 (1988).
Friendships: Epistemically Dangerous Liaisons? in Damian Caluori, ed., Thinking About Friendship (Palgrave Macmillan, 2013).

Philosophy of Mind

Churchland on Dualism
Dualism: Overview
Behaviorism: Overview
Behaviorism: Skinner and Dennett
Identity Theory: Overview
Putnam, Block, and Nida-Rümelin on Functionalism
Fodor and Kim on Reductivism and Multiple Realizability
Kim and Yablo on Mental Causation
Qualia (Brief Notes on Dennett)
Tye on Visual Qualia

Dennett on Consciousness: Three Theses

Notes on John R. Searle, The Rediscovery of the Mind:

chapter 1 
chapter 2 
chapter 3 
chapter 4 
chapter 5
chapter 7 
chapter 9

Notes on John R. Searle, Mind: A Brief Introduction

chapter 1 (a dozen problems)
chapter 4 (consciousness 1)
chapter 5 (consciousness 2)
chapter 7 (mental causation)
chapter 8 (free will)
chapter 9 (the unconscious)
chapter 11 (the self)

is Searle a property dualist?

Notes on Susan Blackmore, Consciousness: An Introduction

chapter 1
chapters 4-6 (change blindness, attention)
chapter 9 (free will)
chapater 13 (evolution)
chapters 16-18 (AI)
chapter 22 (altered states)

Notes on Andy Clark, Mindware

chapters 1-2
chapters 3-4
chapters 5-6

Notes on Kim, Philosophy of Mind, Third Edition

chapter 1
chapter 4
chapters 5-6
chapter 7
chapter 8
chapter 9
chapter 10

Notes on Perry, Knowledge, Possibility, and Consciousness

chapters 1-2
chapters 3-4

Notes on Dennett, Sweet Dreams

chapters 1-4
chapters 5-6


What Is a Belief State? Midwest Studies in Philosophy 10 (1986). 
Direct and Indirect Belief. Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 52 (1992): 289-316. 
How to Believe the Impossible. Philosophical Studies 58 (1990): 271-85. 
Believing the Impossible. Synthese 89 (1991): 353-64. 
Belief States and Narrow Content. Mind and Language 8 (1993): 343-67.
Narrow Mental Content. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (2002).

Philosophy of Language

Some Basic Distinctions 
Early Modern Background (Notes on Hacking) 
Ayer, Language, Truth, and Logic, chapter 3 
Ayer on Truth 
Quine, "Two Dogmas of Empiricism" 

Overview of the Causal Theory of the Reference of Proper Names (pdf)
Overview of the Description Theory of the Reference of Proper names (pdf)
Description Theory of the Reference of Proper Names - Notes (pdf)

Wittgenstein, Philosophical Investigations, Overview of §§1-120

"Hush" and the Philosophy of Language

Notes on J. L. Austin, How to Do Things with Words

Sections 1-3
Sections 4-7
Sections 8-12
"Performative Utterances"
Kinds of Illocutionary Acts (diagram in PDF format)

Notes on William Lycan, Philosophy of Language

Chapters 3-4: Proper Names
Chapter 5: Traditional Theories of Meaning
Chapter 7: Grice on Meaning
Chapter 9: Extensional Truth-Condition Theories
Chapter 10: Intensional Truth-Condition Theories
Chapter 11: Semantic Pragmatics
Chapter 13: Grice on Conversational Implicature
Chapter 14: Metaphor

Notes on Russell, Philosophy of Logical Atomism

Lectures 1 - 3
Lectures 4 - 6
Some Issues for Discussion

Philosophy of Religion

Anselm's Ontological Argument
Aquinas's Cosmological and Teleological Arguments
Pascal's Wager Argument (Brief)

Philosophy of Science

What is the Goal of Science?
Demarcation Proposals
Proposed Marks of Pseudoscience
Van Fraassen on Explanation
Duhem on Underdetermination
Notes on Kuhn
Scientific Realism vs. Constructive Empiricism
NOA (Arthur Fine)
Sociology of Science: Haack and Latour
Observation: Hacking and van Fraassen
Metaphysics and Modern Physics
Values and Science

Probability: A Quick Introduction
Bayes's Theorem and the Philosophy of Science


Alternative Systems of Propositional Logic  
Gödel's Incompleteness Theorems  
Intro to Set Theory (pdf)
Some Issues about the Material Conditional

Philosophy and Computer Science

Miscellaneous Random Thoughts
Notes on Smith, Origin of Objects
Turing, Knuth, and Copeland
Turing Machines
Abstract vs. Concrete Computations
Chalmers, "A Computational Foundation"
Discussion of Chalmers' "Computational Foundation"
Searle, "Critique of Cognitive Reason"
Gallistel and King on Computing with Neurons
ACM "What Is Computing" Symposium
Black Hole Computers
Machine Functionalism in the Philosophy of Mind (Kim)
Musical Works and Computations
Approaches to Robot Ethics (Wallach et al. & Andersen et al.)
Robot Ethics: Utilitarian, Kantian, and Particularistic Approaches


"Implementation and Indeterminacy"
"Combinatorial-State Automata and Models of Computation"

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