Philosophy 4391
Seminar: Philosophy and Time

Curtis Brown
Fall, 2003

This page contains links to materials for my seminar on philosophy and time.  From here, you can access:



Midterm Questions

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Paper Information

Notes on Sklar

Notes on Quine

Notes on Mellor

Notes on McTaggart

Notes on Bernstein

Time and Literature



The image on the right is a reproduction of Francois Perrier, Time Clipping Cupid's Wings, ca. 1630-1670. Taken from Kristen Lippencott, The Story of Time (London: Merrell Holberton, n.d.).


entry on time in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (see also the articles on the experience and perception of time, on thermodynamic asymmetry in time, and on time travel and modern physics)

entry on time in the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

McLuhan and Innis on time-binding vs. space-binding media

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