Philosophy 3349
Topics in Logic

Curtis Brown
Spring, 2002

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The HTML versions of these handouts can be viewed on any web browser. However, if you have the Adobe Acrobat Reader (and why not, since it's free), you may want to use the PDF versions instead; they look much nicer, and should also look good when printed.

I am revising these handouts occasionally, as I see things that need correction or amplification! As of January 27, 2002, the concluding paragraphs of the set theory handout have been changed to show why the Axiom of Regularity, together with the Unordered Pair axiom, shows that no set can contain itself as a member. Also the handout on first-order languages has been revised to include a section on the distinction between formulas that are and are not sentences.

topic HTML version PDF version
Christopher Leary's errata   errata - pdf
Set Theory set theory - html set theory - pdf
First-Order Languages languages - html languages - pdf
Structures structures - html structures - pdf
Deduction deduction - html deduction - pdf
Modal Logic (intro)   modal.pdf

list of possible presentation topics

Final Project  (now current)


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