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(7)    Administrative Policies








For a summary of recent changes to this chapter, see Chapter 9A: Summary of Recent Revisions to this Handbook.

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  1. Statement of Purpose

  2. Operations

  3. Administration

  4. Policies (Selling Policy; Pricing; Desk Copies; Textbook Requisitions; Check Cashing; Special Orders; UPS Services; Office Supplies; Bookstore Hours; Faculty/Staff Authors; Bookstore Services)


To provide support to Trinity University by creating an excellent campus bookstore, operated to contribute to education and to support the goals of Trinity University.

To become an integral part of Trinity University by developing partnerships with students, faculty, staff, and administration.

To excel and continue to innovate in customer service, store design, merchandise selection, and store operations.

To conduct business in accordance with high ethical standards.


The Trinity University Bookstore is operated by Barnes and Noble College Bookstores, Inc.


The Trinity University Bookstore is an integral part of the Coates University Center, the student services and student programming center of campus, and is a part of the Student Affairs division of the University.

All employees of the bookstore are employed by Barnes and Noble College Bookstores, Inc. The Regional Manager of Barnes and Noble College Bookstores, Inc. works directly with the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students.

Any suggestions for improvements for the Bookstore are always in order and should be directed to any of the administrators mentioned above or to members of the Bookstore Operations Committee.


A.    Selling Policy

All merchandise is sold on a cash basis (including personal check, American Express, VISA, Master Card, and Discover) or is charged to a departmental charge account or to personal faculty/staff accounts. Departmental charges are billed monthly to departmental accounts by the Trinity University Bookstore. Each department receives a monthly record of charges made to its account. Departments receive a 20% discount on office supplies.

Personal faculty/staff charge accounts may be opened by full-time University employees. Charges on these accounts are billed monthly to the individual. Prompt payment is expected so that Bookstore costs can be kept low. The Bookstore reserves the right to close accounts that are not paid with reasonable promptness. Faculty and staff members receive a 10% discount except for textbooks, computer software, sale merchandise, and some special orders.

B.    Pricing

1.    The pricing of textbooks is established using the net price charged by each publisher plus a percentage mark-up not to exceed 23%. If a publisher does not structure pricing using a net price, but rather a list price less a discount, the textbook will be priced at the list price. Freight charges are not added to the price of a textbook.

2.    The pricing of non-textbook merchandise is set on industry standard margins.

C.    Desk Copies

Departments are responsible for ordering their own desk copies from the publisher. In cases when publishers do not furnish desk copies, faculty members may purchase these desk copies by charging them to the appropriate department or to their personal account. If the desk copies are returned within two weeks of the start of a new semester in new condition, free of all markings, full refund credit will be given.

D.    Textbook Requisitions

All textbook requisitions are submitted to the Trinity University Bookstore Textbook Department. Quantities stocked for classes are based on estimated enrollments, prior sales history, and registration figures from the Registrar. Textbook requisitions should be received by the bookstore by October 1 for the Spring semester, March 15 for the Summer semester, or April 1 for the Fall semester, with the exception that when these deadlines should fall on a weekend, textbook requisitions will still be accepted the following business day. All faculty members requesting textbooks will be provided, prior to the start of each semester, with a print-out listing the textbooks that have been ordered by the Bookstore, and the quantity that the Bookstore intends to stock. The goal of the Bookstore is that all educational materials required by faculty be stocked in sufficient quantity on the first class day to satisfy the need of each student.

E.    Check Cashing

The Bookstore does not provide a check-cashing service. Checks written in payment for merchandise may be written for five dollars over the amount of purchase.

F.    Special Orders

The Bookstore will place Special Orders for books and supply items. Any specialty items that the Bookstore does not stock, and that are available from vendors used by the Bookstore, may be special ordered. The Campus Community is encouraged to make suggestions to Bookstore employees regarding the items or services they would like to have stocked or performed by the Bookstore.

G.    UPS Services

Any merchandise purchased in the Bookstore will be shipped via UPS at the request of the customer.

H.    Office Supplies

The Bookstore staff attempts to keep the most needed office supplies in stock. If a needed item is not in stock, the store staff will try to locate the item. If requested, the Bookstore staff will obtain a price quote before the item is ordered for the customer.

I.    Bookstore Hours

The Bookstore is open Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The Bookstore will be open extended hours at the beginning of each semester. The Bookstore will be open on Saturdays based on Special Events occurring on campus and immediately before classes begin each semester.

J.    Faculty/Staff Authors

The Bookstore is honored to stock for sale publications authored by Trinity University faculty and staff members. The Bookstore Manager should be contacted to make arrangements to have these publications stocked in the Bookstore.

K.    Bookstore Services

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