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(4)    Faculty Development






For a summary of recent changes to this chapter, see Chapter 9A: Summary of Recent Revisions to this Handbook.

The Associate Vice President for Faculty & Student Affairs: Budget and Research (AVPAA:BR) disburses Faculty Development Discretionary Funds to support short-term, one-time projects and opportunities for faculty development. The funds will be used to support activities that are not provided for through the departments and/or the other faculty development funds of the University. It is anticipated that a wide range of requests will be supported. The following examples are illustrative and are not meant to be restrictive:

A.    Funds may be requested to support attendance at workshops, field trips, symposia, short courses, and other similar conferences that enhance and update the teaching and research of the individual. Normally travel to national meetings will be provided from departmental budgets. However, in some cases the AVPAA:BR may supplement departmental funds.

B.    Upgrading of instructional skills is a category different in kind from the first example. Funds can be made available to help individual professors who have identified personal goals and have specific proposals for improving their teaching skills and incorporating new teaching techniques. This might include video taping of presentations to classes for personal analysis and/or analysis by objective observers of the professor’s choosing; developing demonstrations; expanding the class use of Instructional Media Services; exploring existing audiovisual materials for use in classes; and/or other methods of instruction. Those costs which are necessary may well and properly be shared between the department and the AVPAA:BR.

C.    Expenditures in support of research might include travel expenses and services such as manuscript typing, computer assistance, or other clerical or technical assistance beyond the department’s capacity to supply, supplemental equipment, and support for activity related to the Faculty Development Committee. For example, one of the best ways of changing and expanding one’s research interests is to obtain an academic leave for a several-month period for concentrated study and experience with another scholar in the same area. In order to identify the most suitable scholar and/or resource facility some travel expenses may occur which do not come under departmental travel. Similar expenses to obtain appropriate materials in the exploration of new areas and the final preparation for academic leave may be requested from the AVPAA:BR.

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