Honor Code
Honor Council Bylaws
Honor Code Violation Allegation Forms for Faculty
Honor Code Violation Allegation Forms for Students & Staff
Possible Syllabus Text
Sanctioning Norms
Academic Integrity
(for students prior to 2004-see pg. 123)


Academic Honor Code Liaison Contacts


Department Liaisons
Art and Art History Caitlin Spaulding Douglas Burns
Biology Debbie Shen Adrienne Stanley
Business Administration Hannah Owens Patrice Durden
Chemistry Debbie Shen Emily Darius
Classical Studies Alexander Buck Kyle Roy
Communication Jacque Thibeaux Pedro Chira
Computer Science Bethany Richter Kira Noreiga
Economics Laura Franklin Pedro Chira
Education Bethany Richter Jocelyn Lam
Engineering Science Hannah Owens Patrice Durden
English Alexander Buck Michelle Haskin
Geosciences Jacque Thibeaux Kira Noreiga
History Andrew Gill Douglas Burns
International Student Office Jocelyn Lam
Mathematics Emily Darius Laura Franklin
Modern Languages & Literature Hannah Owens Jocelyn Lam
Music Andrew Gill Douglas Burns
Philosophy Adrienne Stanley Caitlin Spaulding
Physics & Astronomy Jacque Thibeaux Michelle Haskin
Political Science Alexander Buck Michelle Haskin
Psychology Adrienne Stanley Patrice Durden
Religion Isaac Medina Kyle Roy
Sociology & Anthropology Andrew Gill Isaac Medina
Speech & Drama Bethany Richter Kira Noreiga