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Honor Code Violation Allegation Forms for Faculty
Honor Code Violation Allegation Forms for Students & Staff
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Academic Honor Code

Honor Code Violation Allegation Form  - For Faculty 

Instructions to the Person reporting the Alleged Violation:

  • Please maintain the confidentiality of the accused.  You should not tell the accused about the suspected violation; they will be notified by the Honor Council on the sixth class day following the day the complaint is submitted should the complaint be accepted.

  • The Internal Chair of the Academic Honor Council will contact you to verify that your complaint has been received.  You will be copied a letter sent to the accused student that will inform you of the hearing date, assigned Honor Council members,  and provide an overview of applicable Honor Council procedure.  An advocate-presenter who functions on behalf of the University will contact you on the day following that on which the student learns of the allegation.

  • Any question about whether it is or is not appropriate to go forward with the accusation? You are urged to contact Dr. Sheryl Tynes who will be more than willing to consult with you in complete confidentiality before you make the final decision. 

  • A list of violations of the academic honor code can be found here.

  • Any questions should be directed to the Academic Honor Council External Chair at honorcouncil@trinity.edu

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Alleged Violation

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