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Honor Code Violation Allegation Forms for Faculty
Honor Code Violation Allegation Forms for Students & Staff
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Academic Honor Code

Honor Code Violation Allegation Form  - For Students/Staff

 Instructions to the Person reporting the Alleged Violation:

  • Please maintain the confidentiality of the accused. Do not tell the accused about the suspected violation; the accused will be notified by the Honor Council on the sixth class day following the day the complaint is submitted should the complaint be accepted.

  • The Internal Chair of the Academic Honor Council will contact you to verify that your complaint has been received.  You will be copied a letter sent to the accused student that will inform you of the hearing date, assigned Honor Council members,  and provide an overview of applicable Honor Council procedure.  An advocate-presenter who functions on behalf of the University will contact you on the day following that on which the student learns of the allegation.

  • A list of violations of the academic honor code can be found here.

  • Any questions should be directed to the Academic Honor Council External Chair at honorcouncil@trinity.edu

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Alleged Violation

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