Honor Code (with Honor Council Bylaws)
Honor Code Violation Allegation Forms for Faculty
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Academic Honor Code


All students are covered by the Trinity University Honor Code that prohibits dishonesty in academic work. 

The Code asserts that the academic community is based on honesty and trust, and defines specific violations as well as the procedure to determine if a violation has occurred.  The Code also covers the process of hearings for alleged violations and the various sanctions applied for specific violations.  The Code also provides for an appeal process.

The Code is implemented by the Academic Honor Council.  Under the Code, a faculty member will (or a student may) report an alleged violation to the Academic Honor Council.  It is the task of the Council to collect the pertinent evidence, adjudicate, and assign a sanction within certain guidelines if a violation has been verified.

Students who are under the Honor Code are required to pledge all written work that is submitted for a grade:  “On my honor, I have neither given nor received any unauthorized assistance on this work” and their signature.  The pledge may be abbreviated “pledged” with a signature.

The specifics of the Honor Code, its underlying philosophy, and the norms for sanctioning can all be found on the Academic Honor Council website, accessed through the Trinity Homepage.