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Deborah Bolster,
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January 1, 2010



Recruiting expenses and payment procedures are outlined below.  Please ensure that all staff involved with recruitment are familiar with these guidelines. Any questions may be directed to the President’s Office.


As a general rule, only expenses covering the candidate's transportation, lodging, and meals will be paid out of the Recruitment Fund.  Any special forms of entertainment, special events, or receptions involving the candidate, students and/or entire departments should be funded from other sources.


All transportation costs involved in the round trip between the candidate's home and Trinity will be covered, i.e. personal vehicle, air fare, taxi cab, shuttle service, airport parking fees.  Reimbursement will be made for the use of a personal vehicle at the rate of 50 cents per mile.  As a matter of policy, reimbursement will not be made for mileage or the use of a personal or rental vehicle by a candidate while in San Antonio.

As in our travel policy, airfare is restricted to tourist or coach class.  The original invoice or receipt showing flight schedule and cost should be attached to the Purchasing Card (PCard) or DPO documentation when submitted for approval.  This applies whether we are reimbursing the candidate or paying the travel agent directly.  Every attempt should be made to obtain the least expensive airfare (this includes going online and checking airfares).


University Guest Apartments

The first source of lodging is one of the two university guest apartments.  Please call Maria Casanova (x8420) in Physical Plant to check on the availability of the apartments.  When reserving an apartment, go to the following link:

When submitted, the information in the form’s fields is sent by email to Maria Casanova.  She will generate a confirmation email with instructions and terms.  Please do not assume the reservation is made until you receive an electronic confirmation. The cost of each apartment is $50.00 per night.  Click here for the guest apartment guidelines.


If an apartment is not available for your candidate's visit, click here for a list of recommended hotels.  Trinity has accounts set up with these hotels, so give the reservations clerk your name and department and ask that the charges be direct billed.  Please attempt to use the hotels with the lowest rate first. 

Recommended Hotels

Trinity will not pay for movies, phone calls, liquor, or personal expenses in the hotel.  Please explain to the candidate in advance that he or she will need to take care of these personal expenses prior to checking out.  This should also be explained to the reservations clerk at the hotel when making reservations, emphasizing that Trinity will not pay for these charges.  Should these expenses appear on Trinity's final billing, the department's S & E account will be charged for these items only.  It will then be the department's responsibility to obtain a reimbursement from the candidate.  Also, remind the hotel at that time that Trinity is "tax exempt." (This means we do not have to pay the state tax, but we do pay the city and county taxes.)  The approved hotels already have the University's tax exemption certificate on file.  If you run into any problems in making reservations or obtaining direct billing, please call the President's Office.   Some hotels only show President’s Office staff names for direct billing and we will intercede for you.


Luncheons and dinners with candidates are important times in the interview process when the department gets to know the candidate better and the candidate learns more about us.  These meals should only include people involved in the interview process and should be limited to approximately four individuals.  There are obvious exceptions to this, particularly at lunch when students may be included.


Always advise your wait staff in the Skyline Room that the luncheon is OFFICIAL UNIVERSITY BUSINESS.  No tax will then be charged.  Once ARAMARK has sent the billing, it is too late to advise them of this fact.  Also, please sign your name, department, and "University Business" on the receipt, not "Academic Affairs," "President's Office" or "Recruiting Account". The billing will be sent to your department for preparation of payment.

The selection of restaurants and the cost of meals should be kept in the moderate range.  A $12 breakfast, $15 lunch and a $30 dinner would be appropriate with tip included.  Generally costs in excess of these amounts will not be reimbursed and should be covered by the department's S & E account or the individuals in attendance.  Please pay special attention to the documentation required for reimbursement of meals and hotels as explained in the travel policy.  Meal expenses for spouses generally are not reimbursed.


When requesting reimbursement/payment for bonafide expenses by either DPO or Pcard, please follow the procedures below:

DPO: The DPO should be completed with the exception of the account number, signed by the chair/director of the department, and forwarded to the Director of Human Resources for review and processing. Please provide a brief explanation for each expense (e.g., "dinner with [candidate name] and search committee members," "lodging for [candidate name]," "airfare for [candidate name]", "advertising for [specific job search]," etc.). Attach all original invoices and receipts.

Pcard: For expenses incurred on the Pcard, please notify the Director of Human Resources after the charge appears on PaymentNet. Include the following information in order to reverse the charge from the departmental Pcard to the recruitment account: (1) Name of Pcard holder; (2) Date of charge; (3) Name of vendor (e.g., airline, restaurant, advertising medium, etc.); (4) Search/Name of candidate (if applicable); (5) Amount of charge.

Please note: When requesting payment for meals, please designate the names of all individuals attending. If the names would not be recognizable, please identify, e.g., “students.”