Trinity University Guest Apartment Policy
as of April 2005


106 Oakmont Court (in back of the Holt Center):

Apartment #1 - 1st Floor
Apartment #2 - 2nd Floor


Through Physical Plant (x8411 or x8420)
On-line Reservation Form

Check In Time:

2:00 p.m.

Check Out Time

11 a.m.  Please, no exceptions.

Cleaning Service:

The apartments are cleaned between the hours of 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Host departments are expected to arrange their guests’ schedules so the cleaning staff has access to the apartments during these hours.

Maximum Occupancy
per Night:

2 people - No children or pets

Maximum Length
of Stay:

3 nights


Must be picked up and returned to the Department of Campus Security within 24 hours after guest's departure. A charge of $10.00 will be made to the host department for lost keys or keys not returned within the 24 hours period.


$50.00 per day. Use of the apartments will be charged to the account number given on the reservation form and will appear on general ledger at the end of the month. Questions on charges should be directed to Jr. Accountant, extension 7390.


Apartment #1 is 210/999-3107
Apartment #2 is 210/999-3108

Guests are expected to make long-distance calls by credit card or calling collect. Long-distance charges will be the responsibility of the host department and charged to the department's S&E.

The apartments have small refrigerators but no cooking facilities other than a coffee pot. Cooking is not allowed in the apartments. Hosts may wish to provide their guests with fruit, cheese, snack-type food, and wine or soft drinks. The cleaning staff will dispose of any leftover food and/or beverages.

Departments sponsoring University guests are required to house them in a guest apartment if one is available. Payments to hotels and motels will not be approved unless an apartment is unavailable for the dates requested. The apartments are not available for personal guests of the University faculty and staff. Candidates for Trinity positions are given priority booking.

Please call the Office of the President (999-8401) if you have any questions concerning this policy.  Otherwise call the Physical Plant (999-8411/8420) regarding the use of the apartments.