100 Things You Can Do for Trinity University
* = Even if you only have fifteen minutes!


1. Meet with a prospective student
2. Mention Trinity University to a local academic awards winner *
3. Connect a prospective student with a current student on campus
4. Participate in the Trinity Alumni Admissions Network (TAAN)
5. Talk about Trinity University to high school parents
6. Send Trinity University the name of and contact information for a possible applicant *
7. Administer a book award for your local high school
8. Speak about your job at a high school career day
9. Run a Trinity University table at a high school College Night
10. Help with club informational meetings
11. Encourage students to visit campus and attend local Trinity University events
12. Get Trinity University information into the high schools
13. Fund a high school Trinity University scholarship for three years *
14. Tell a scholar, athlete, or accomplished artist about Trinity University
15. Encourage all qualified teenagers you meet through work, church, community, etc. to consider applying to Trinity University
16. Contact accepted Trinity University students through the annual Spring Congratulatory Campaign



17. Renew a college friendship
18. Invite a current student’s parents to a chapter event *
19. Contact your hometown students when at Trinity University
20. Visit a homebound alumna/us
21. Suggest a program to your chapter president *
22. Attend a chapter event
23. Offer to serve on your local chapter board
24. Offer someone a ride to a chapter meeting
25. Invite a newcomer to a chapter event *
26. Join or begin a local Trinity University book club
27. Hold a neighborhood alumni get-together
28. Offer your home for a Trinity University chapter meeting or program
29. Offer your home for a Trinity University Bed and Breakfast
30. Begin an informal Trinity University group
31. Send a sympathy and/or congratulations card to an alumna/us *
32. Offer your home for visiting Trinity University staff or faculty
33. Write to local students on campus
34. Update Trinity University with your new contact information through the Alumni Online Directory *
35. Reconnect with distant alumni
36. Organize a chapter program
37. Begin a Trinity University special interest group
38. Organize an alumni theater party
39. Stay in touch with faculty
40. Involve new and older alumni at chapter events
41. Participate in Team Trinity, helping first year students move into their dorms in the Fall
42. Represent Trinity University in the Battle of Flowers Parade by pulling the school balloon
43. Plan a company conference at Trinity University



44. Nominate alumni for National Alumni Board or committees
45. Attend a campus or chapter alumni association program
46. Be a strong college advocate locally *
47. Purchase alumni merchandise from the campus bookstore



48. Make a gift to the Annual Fund each and every year
49. Get your Trinity University gift matched by your employer
50. Serve as a gift agent for Trinity University at your company
51. Come to campus and visit with student Phonathon callers
52. Serve as a reunion class gift chair and sign letters to your classmates
53. Offer a ‘challenge’ gift to inspire your classmates to give
54. Display your Trinity University calendar at work
55. Continue developing a spirit of class giving
56. Speak to current students about supporting their Senior Class Gift project
57. Think about and present other giving opportunities for Trinity University
58. Speak positively about philanthropy to Trinity University – your gifts help keep tuition affordable for deserving students
59. Encourage your company to make a gift to Trinity University


Career Services

60. Serve as an Alumni Chapter Career Network Chair
61. Refer a Trinity University student or alumna/us for a position in your organization
62. Join the Career Advisory Resource Group and become a Career Snapshot

63. Plan a social gathering or networking activity for alumni in your field
64. Participate in a chapter career event
65. Hire a Trinity University student or alumna/us
66. Sponsor a Trinity University intern in your organization
67. Recruit for your open positions through Career Services' TigerJobs service
68. Volunteer to be a resource for students/alumni with career questions in your geographic area
69. Offer to mentor an alumna/us new to your field
70. Offer to be a guest speaker at a Career Services workshop
71. Email career-related testimonials to Career Services for publications and our website


Public Relations

72. Check out the Trinity University website, www.trinity.edu
73. Share news about the improvements (new Northrup Hall, Trinity University Press, library, etc.) on campus
74. Suggest a local alumna/us as speaker for a Trinity University activity*
75. Mention Trinity University in your credentials *
76. Keep Trinity University informed of your personal and professional accomplishments
77. Mention Trinity University when addressing the public *
78. Share your Trinity University magazine with non-alumni *
79. Quote Trinity University people in writing or research *
80. Purchase a book authored by a Trinity University alumna/us or faculty member *
81. Put a Trinity University decal on your car *
82. Wear a Trinity University shirt *
83. Write an article for the Trinity University magazine *
84. Tell new friends about your experiences at Trinity University *
85. Share your campus photos with the Public Relations Office *
86. Getting married? Include that you are a Trinity University graduate in your wedding announcement
87. Display your Trinity University diploma in your office or workstation



88. Serve as your class reunion chair
89. Phone a classmate when in town *
90. Attend your class reunions
91. Begin a round-robin letter with college friends to catch up
92. Send your news to include in alumni publications
93. Plan a get-together with local classmates
94. Invite classmates to a pre-reunion party
95. Attend Alumni Weekend each and every year
96. Serve on your reunion committee
97. Proudly wear your official Trinity University Class Ring
98. Compete for largest participation during reunion year
99. Reminisce with classmates about the good memories from time spent at Trinity University
100. Carry your class reunion flag at Spring Commencement and Convocation ceremonies on campus



Spring 2007 Alumni Magazine