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Trinity University Alumni Online Directory (https://alumni.trinity.edu/)

@Trinity is an online alumni directory specifically designed to facilitate communication among its members for personal or University-related purposes. The success of @Trinity depends on the number of alumni who utilize it and the quality of information it contains.


When first approached by alumni seeking career assistance, Career Chairs are encouraged to familiarize the alumnus/alumna with the Alumni Online Directory. Alumni can search the Online Directory that contains thousands of Trinity alumni. Alumni and students are encouraged to network and increase communication through the use of the Online Directory. The Online Directory (https://alumni.trinity.edu/) is designed to be user-friendly as a networking tool and can be self-initiated and self-directed depending on your job search parameters.


The inclusive nature of the Online Directory empowers alumni and students to reach all others listed in the directory to discuss a wide variety of areas, including career exploration and professional networking. The job seeker can use the Online Directory to not only gather information useful for their job search but also to expand networking opportunities across industries and interests. The Online Directory contains thousands of alumni throughout the world who work in a variety of industries and fields so there is a good possibility that you can find a match depending on your job search parameters.


Alumni who have already expressed interest in being a career resource are included in the Career Network and are designated in the Online Directory as such. These alumni are a career resource for fellow alumni and students. To learn more about how to become a member of the Career Network, click here.


The Alumni Office offers the ability to contact these alumni through the Online Directory for professional networking. Although the Alumni Office has designated this group of alumni volunteers, job seekers are welcome to contact any alumnus/alumna in the broader Online Directory for career guidance if they are not able to receive necessary information from this group. The job seeker can directly access any alumnus/alumna contact in the Online Directory by using his/her personalized username and password. Job seekers can find career network resources by searching for information including:

  • class year
  • major(s)
  • interest(s)
  • city
  • industry/occupation
  • or even the entire list of the Career Network
In the Online Directory, you as an alumna/alumnus can also:
  • Update your profile for the Trinity database, or choose to limit the amount of information that is viewed by other alumni
  • Reconnect with classmates, friends, and teammates with their updated information
  • Search the alumni directory by last name, class year, geographic location, occupation, and many other search criteria
  • Sign up for a permanent alumni.trinity.edu email forwarding address so that any email messages can be forwarded to you, at any location
To login to the directory for the first time:
  • Go to https://alumni.trinity.edu/
  • Click on the new user button
  • Enter your last name and Trinity ID number (If needed, add one or two zeros in front to make it seven digits. To find out your ID number and/or for further assistance, please contact Office of Alumni Relations at alumni@trinity.edu or call 800-882-5861.)
Afterward, you can create a username and password and update your information when needed.