Career Network

Position Description - Career Chair

The Career Network Program will be managed on the local chapter level by the Career Chair position, in collaboration with the Alumni Volunteer Coordinator in Alumni Relations and the Director of Career Services. The Career Network Chair is the contact person for alumni seeking career networking opportunities in the alumni chapter. Career networking can take place through chapter career-oriented events and through a more in-depth follow up process between and among individuals.


The Career Network Chair position is a very important position that has gone through stages of transition and has been redeveloped and reinvigorated in the past few years. Over time, this position will take more shape and be refined, - as it will provide a base for development of what we hope one day will be a very robust national effort that all Trinity Alumni are keenly aware of and participate in. To achieve that goal, we must build from the ground up – at the chapter level. 


Since effective career networking ultimately depends on personal/professional relationships and interactions, this person should be motivated, outgoing and an effective networker in his or her own professional life.  This person also should have the time and flexibility to devote a few minutes a week to this effort, so that those who tap into the network get a prompt response.


The primary role of the Career Network Chair is twofold:


Making Connections

Once a year, the Career Chair will chair the committee that organizes the "Making Connections" networking event and will be a visible figure and the “host” of that event.  In geographical regions where alumni chapters have not previously held “Making Connections” events, smaller, more informal gatherings (i.e. Business and Career Networking) of alumni/students/parents may be more appropriate and may be arranged. There may be potential, after some time, to expand the informal event to an established program like “Making Connections” if enough interest and participation exist.


Both formal and informal opportunities will give the Career Chair the opportunity to introduce him/herself, explain his/her role and how he/she can help, explain what Trinity is trying to accomplish through this network, and lay the foundation for future contacts with people who want to be volunteers or who might want career networking help.  Since this is a high-profile, long-standing all-chapter event, the president as well as other officers should also be highly involved in helping organize and stage this event.


Career Network - Process

On a regular basis, the Career Chair will work to put alumni seeking networking contacts, job networking referrals, or basic career advice in touch with (1) alumni volunteers (including the Career Network who post their Career Alumni Snapshots accessible online) who agree to offer advice or career contact referrals and (2) data and human resources that the University offers. As part of this role, it would be his or her responsibility to grow the stable of volunteers identified in that city or region through personal outreach, through interactions at local chapter or national events, and through communications with University staff regarding people in the local area who are willing or likely prospects to be volunteers.


The Alumni Office and Career Services offer their assistance to you as Career Network Chair to:


  • Promote Alumni Online Community as primary networking tool in communication with your chapter alumni
  • Ask chapter membership to enroll in the Career Network at http://www.trinity.edu/departments/alumni_relations/career_network/enroll.htm
  • Encourage chapter membership to become Career Network at http://www.trinity.edu/departments/alumni_relations/career_network/enroll.htm
  • Refer alumni to other online and/or campus career resources
  • Coordinate career chapter activities
  • Coordinate regional efforts to welcome new alumni in your area
  • Provide local chapter career referrals


Resources for Career Chair

  • Alumni Volunteer Coordinator
  • Director of Career Services
  • Chapter Presidents
  • Fellow Career Chairs at other chapters
  • Best Practices from other chapters
  • Alumni Online Community at https://alumni.trinity.edu/
  • Career Network members
  • Career Alumni Snapshots electronic library
  • Online Career Resources accessible on Career Network website
    • Tiger Jobs web-based program
    • Discover web-based career exploration program
    • ArtSEARCH
    • Internships online
  • Reciprocal Services
  • Career Resource Library
  • Handouts from Career Services
  • Sample of books focusing on job transition on the Career Services web site