Career Network

Volunteer to join Trinity's Career Network!


At Trinity University, your career knowledge, experience, and expertise are highly valuable to students and alumni alike. The network of Trinity alumni around the world and from a wide variety of industries and fields is an indispensable resource for students and alumni seeking contacts:

- who are exploring or wishing to hear about a typical day on the job
- who would like to learn more about industry trends
- who are seeking specific information about internships and/or summer positions.

Alumni included in the Career Network will assist Trinity University:

- as a career resource for fellow alumni and students,

- as a member to give feedback on the needs and direction alumni would like the Career Network to take for overall effectiveness of the program, and

- as a key contact from your industry to invite to career-focused activities and events for alumni and/or students

The success of Trinity's Career Network is primarily defined by the interest, participation, and career experience of its participants.

We are happy now to launch a new upload where your Career Snapshots are located through a new mentor module in Career Services’ TigerJobs system  Your information has been migrated to this new module which includes two interactive components: the alumni or “mentor” data and the student data. The benefits for this upgrade are many, including the fact that this module is now password-protected and you can update your information in real time if you switch jobs and if your experience changes in your career circumstances.  Furthermore, this module allows you to customize your communication with others who directly contact you as a career resource as well as removing the moderator component from your communication with these individuals.  

The link to the new Career Snapshots is www.myinterfase.com/trinity/mentor.  Please take a few minutes and look at the new module, noting the following five important changes:

      1. The username is your email address;
      2. The default password is snapshot;
      3. You are currently defaulted to allow student contact;
      4. We defaulted your contact information to make it available but the only contact information that shows by default is your email address. (You are able to go in and change that if you would like and alter your contact information); and
      5. The default number of contacts per month is 5.

To search the electronic library of 500+ Career Snapshots for career guidance and professional networking, please refer to www.myinterfase.com/trinity/student.