Nathan Cone ’95

Still ‘working nights,’ but he’s come a long way
by Donna Parker

Nathan Cone ’95 graduated from Trinity with more than just a degree.  His passion for jazz music grew from a middle-of-the night air shift on KRTU-FM, Trinity’s on campus radio station. This is where he learned to appreciate such classics as Jimmy Smith’s Back at the Chicken Shack.

Today he is more jazzed about the latest hit in his household—baby daughter Samantha Maja Cone, born March 18 to Nathan and his wife, Renata.  He says, he’s still ‘working nights.’  “There are some strange sleep schedules in my house, but the most incredible thing has been that we can’t believe how instantly you can love another person,” Nathan says, when asked how baby Sam had changed their lives.  “The baby is the biggest thing we’ve been through!”

The new addition is a big adjustment at home, but professionally Nathan is focused and very comfortable to be in his 10th year at Texas Public Radio—the station he joined just after graduation.   “I’m one of the only people I know that has kept the same job, but I can’t believe I’ve fallen into such a great group of people to work with,” he says.  “Right now, I have no desire to change.”  Nathan serves as the director of programming and operations and is responsible for what goes on the air, as well as selecting the programs and announcers.

Nathan also coordinates the radio station’s summer fundraiser called Cinema Tuesdays bringing such classic movies to San Antonio’s Bijou at Crossroads Theatre as the Marx Bros Animal Crackers.  He credits Trinity for exposing him to music and the arts, especially art history professor John Hutton, who taught Art of the 1960’s.  “I’m constantly referring back in my mind to that class when thinking about films.”  It’s just one of the experiences that made his college days resonate. 

These days, Nathan can look out his office window and catch sight of Trinity’s Murchison Tower in the distance.  It’s a constant reminder that although he’s just down the road, he’s come a long way.