Lowell Keig '85
Attorney Loves Life, Kids, and Chaos

By Donna Parker

“It was kind of a surprise to me to end up with three kids,” says Lowell Keig, ’85, adding with a laugh, “Four has been ruled out!”

He and attorney wife Beth have their hands full with sons Logan, 12; Trevor, 4; and daughter Eden, 8, who wants to be president of the United States.

Lowell serves as general counsel of Youth and Family Centered Services Inc., which is a 10-state health, education, and life skills provider focused on troubled youth.

He’s also planning his 20-year class reunion, serving as a Republican precinct chair, and heading his church grants committee for community outreach. Lowell does it all with a healthy dose of humor, telling tales along the way like the time it snowed during his undergrad days in San Antonio, when he prompted students to “hit the slopes!”

“The funniest thing to me was seeing people sliding down the hills on lunchroom trays. All the trays were gone from the refectory!”

Is present-day life still carefree?

“My wife and daughter say I have a lot of gray hair, but the kids are causing that and not the work!” he jokes.

Lowell cites Trinity’s small classes and personalized attention as having a huge impact on his success. After earning his Bachelor of Science in business administration, he earned his law degree from UT Law School and entered private practice. He was named president of the San Antonio Young Lawyer’s Association and designed a state-recognized pilot program called Texas Equal Justice Access Services or TEJAS.

Lowell headed into public service in 2000, at the request of former Texas Attorney General John Cornyn, who named him chief of the Elder Law and Public Health Division.

His one regret is not taking a little time off between degrees, believing that with a little more self-discipline and routine, he would have “gotten up at 7 a.m. to study for that 10 o’clock class,” rather than sleep in. But this humorous Texas dad hasn’t missed much and says with a loving chuckle, “My life is utter chaos.”

Recently, he and Beth couldn’t find a sitter and had to “celebrate” their anniversary at home. All three kids were talking at the same time, forcing Lowell to shout to his wife, “Happy Anniversary – in your own kitchen!”

You get the feeling neither one of them really minded.