Jerheme Urban '03

Successful in Seattle

By Donna Parker

Jerheme Urban ’03 is a third-year receiver for the Seattle Seahawks, who caught a game-winning catch before injury sidelined his season. Jerheme broke his left foot after catching a 46-yard pass against the Arizona Cardinals. To add insult to injury, he was subjected to unsportsman-like conduct when the team released him on waivers due to his injury.

Rushing to his defense, his teammates insisted that the Seattle organization place Jerheme on injured reserve to guarantee his salary for the year.

“That week was an emotional roller coaster,” says this third-year undrafted free agent who attended Trinity not just for academics but also for the love of the game.

“I received the call the night before I left Seattle for surgery in Texas. It was a humbling and flattering experience for me. It’s such a good mix of guys up there and after being involved in the business side of the NFL, I realized this kind of thing never happens,” says Jerheme, now undergoing extensive rehabilitation.

He credits his indomitable spirit to his family upbringing.

“That’s made me the man I am today. My family taught me work ethics on our ranch and my mom taught me how to be a gentleman,” says Jerheme, who not only enjoyed four winning seasons on the Trinity football team while earning his B.A. in English and history but scored love in the process.

His fiancée, Emily Goodwin ’03, is a fellow alumna and the two plan to wed in July. They met during their freshman year running track together, but love was sidelined until both became “free agents” their junior year.

“She’s cute and funny and her athleticism was very attractive to me. I admire her competitive spirit and drive to be successful.”

Jerheme, who now enjoys the home field advantage on the family ranch in Victoria, spends three hours a day in rehab, never taking his eyes off the goal. He hopes to start jogging March 1st and participate in mini-camp for the Seahawks in April.

However, if his dreams of pro ball are sacked, then Jerheme has an alternate play in mind.

“It would be nice to settle back in San Antonio. Emily and I both love Trinity. We might even come back and be coaches one day!”


Jerheme Urban with Emily Goodwin