Linda Pace ’80
Keeping Pace with a True Artist

By Donna Parker

Linda Pace has come a long way from her former UT professor who said he’d give her a “C” if she would promise never to paint again.

It’s a huge reason why Linda transferred to Trinity, where she found solid encouragement from fellow alumnus and artist, Louis Lubbering.

“He was so challenging, yet encouraging at the same time. Louis really inspired me to do my work,” says this serious art patron who founded Artpace San Antonio 10 years ago, to assist fledgling artists.

Located in an old downtown car dealership, Artpace is an artist-in-residence program providing full studio access to aspiring artists for two months, restricting them only to their creativity and imagination.

“We’re as open and flexible for them as possible and it is fabulous to see them go onto bigger and better things,” says Linda.

“In the last Whitney Museum Biannual, 13 of the winning artists had gone through the Artpace program.”

Next to Artpace, Linda spends time creating her own art, and her latest one-woman gallery show Timelines, featured large colorful collages. Linda is also being honored as the 2006 Trinity University Distinguished Alumnus.

However, it’s The Chris Park Linda names as her greatest achievement. This peaceful, meditative park is dedicated to her son Chris who died in 1997. She and another artist friend created a path from embedded colored disks, lit from beneath and accented with limestone benches featuring etched sayings from Chris’s journals.

Her loss – one which any parent would dread facing – has taught Linda that few things in life are more important than pursuing your dreams.

“It’s so important to love what you’re doing and to follow your bliss.”

Right now, Linda’s new bliss is her active 2 ½ year old granddaughter Ava whom she’s raising as her own.

“It’s as hard as everything and the best thing that ever happened. This time, child rearing is much easier. I’m not so worried about right and wrong and I’m just enjoying the process.”


Linda Pace '80