David Diaz ’87
Radio Days/Gourmet Nights

By Donna Parker

According to David Diaz ’87, he still hasn’t hit his stride even though he’s a successful account coordinator for Cox Media in Phoenix.

“I’m still continuing my liberal arts education. I started at Trinity, which gave me all the tools I needed and I have much further to go!”

David was six when he first studied at Trinity — not as a child prodigy, but as a young student in the Music Education Department in 1972. A dozen years later, he was back on campus spreading the good word about his hometown school.

“Wow! It was way much more than I expected. I got involved with the admissions volunteer group and even worked with local school children to interest them in attending.”

David says professors such as Sarah Burke, who taught him Russian Literature and Translation, displayed such enthusiasm that it had a lasting impact on his life.

“She had a sense of adventure and absolute joy of the subject matter which fostered my enjoyment in learning.”

He spent much of his post-graduation time working in communications for the San Antonio Symphony, with a short stint at Montemayor y Asociados before heading to Arizona in 2002 to join Cox Media.

“I don’t think I had a specific vision of my career path and have since discovered that the diversity of my positions has been very much like my educational experience —variations on a theme. From working in television to radio to public relations — I am constantly learning.”

Any spare time is spent learning about new eateries in the Phoenix area — it turns out that David has a unique knack for recreating restaurant recipes at home.

“I started cooking at the age of six. My folks slept late on Saturdays, so I pulled a chair up to the stove and fried an egg. I was 10 when I got my first cookbook and I am pretty good at knocking off entrees at home, now. My specialty is Kung Pao Chicken and I never measure ingredients — just throw them together,” he laughs.

He’s also thrown together several events for Trinity’s Phoenix Alumni Chapter, of which he is president. And what advice would he give current students at his alma mater?

“The journey is just as important as the destination. Enjoy every experience and every opportunity that each job presents. Don’t wait for the next big thing!”


David Diaz