Tim Miller Profile ’93, MAT ’94
The Master of Technology

By Donna Parker

Tim Miller ’93 MAT ’94 holds several advanced degrees in addition to his Bachelor of Arts in humanities from Trinity, but he describes himself quite simply as…“A loving father and husband who leads by example and expects the most from the people with whom I live and work.”

Tim is husband to fellow alumna Christine and dad to Samantha, 4, and Zachary, 2. Christine, says Tim, “…works hard staying at home with the kids,” while Tim’s professional efforts as the director of educational technology for the Northeast ISD in San Antonio were recently rewarded with the Technology Administrator of the Year Award from the Texas Computer Educator Association.

“It’s a challenge to integrate technology into the curriculum. I approach it as stretching the abilities and minds of students and teachers to achieve goals they could not without technology.”

In his current position Tim manages a multi-million dollar budget and a 45-member department.

“I do miss teaching but get the opportunity to get into the classroom and train the teachers on how to use the computer equipment with the kids.”

Tim credits Trinity’s master’s degree teacher program with preparing him to reach his life goals, stating, “From year one, you were in a classroom doing an internship or practicum. It gave me experience to work with teachers and students. Overall, I had tools in my tool belt to work in the trade!”

He says John Moore, Karen Waldron, and Bruce Frazee in the education department motivated him to pursue his goals and Mackenzie Brown in the religion department helped stretch his philosophical thinking, but it’s Trinity as a unit that really built the foundation.

“The small campus, quality of staff and excellent library and computer resources sets our alma mater apart as a unique educational institution. It’s what I tell all current students during our round table alumni discussions. Trinity affords you a great opportunity to learn and experience things. Hold your head high and use that confidence to help get into graduate school or land a career position.”

“As a Trinity graduate, they’ll be looking for you – you don’t have to be looking for them.”

Special Note: The Master of Arts in Teaching program at Trinity is celebrating its 15th year anniversary during Alumni Weekend 2006: Oct. 27-29. Trinity invites all MAT graduates to return for two special events on Friday, October 27: MAT 15th Year Lunch Celebration, The Great Hall, 12:30 pm and MAT Symposium | Excellence in Teaching, Ruth Taylor Fine Arts Center Recital Hall, 2:30 - 4:30 pm. For information, call (210) 999-7501.


Tim Miller