Jules Spector ’04
Totally Kinky

By Donna Parker

Most of us would read about Kinky Friedman on a campaign tour with Jesse Ventura with nothing more than passing interest, but not Jules Spector ’04. 

She’s an independent thinker with a good eye for a great story line.  And she is the producer behind a documentary showcasing the campaign of Kinky Friedman, self-described Jewish cowboy running for governor of Texas with his primary slogan boasting  He Ain’t Kinky – He’s My Governor.

“I was surfing the net and saw something about Cowboy Logic (a Kinky novel.)  I knew who he was because I’d read one of his books in Coleen Grissom’s class.”

“Later that week, I was in Boerne where he was scheduled to appear.  We talked – he  liked my documentary idea – and in early June, I started filming.”

Her filming took her to Willie Nelson’s (a Kinky friend) 4th of July picnic where she walked around with country stars such as The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and Billie Joe Shaver which had Jules shaking her head in wonder that she was hanging out with  famous musicians.

“I’m so overwhelmed with the fact that this documentary is anything at all!  It was just a pipe dream and remains surreal.”  

Committed and smart – Jules has secured free production assistance through a posting on Craig’s List and is utilizing free editing suites provided by a Texas college who shares her vision. 

“One thing I discovered – if you believe in yourself, that enthusiasm spreads.”

Jules jokingly remarks, “Trinity prepared me well for far too many things.  It gave me the critical thinking and the mobility to do everything, which is both a blessing and a curse.”

Jules still seeks life advice from former professors Mary Ann Tetreault and Michael Soto and cherishes her Trinity friendships, stating, “I know I’ll talk to those girls when I’m 80 and in a nursing home.”

Meanwhile, Jules is … getting Kinky…to reveal his secrets for a successful campaign.

“Kinky has grown on me.  He has so much energy and enthusiasm and changes apathy into something else.”

She plans to submit her documentary to film festivals like Sundance, but still hangs on to her day job in an Austin theatre.  If all goes well, it won’t be too long until people are in the ticket line for her next production. 

Then Kinky can say he knew her when.