Nora Ziegenhagen ’04

Launching a New Career at Google

By Donna Parker

Next time you “google” something online, think of Nora Ziegenhagen ’04 toiling away in the Internet giant’s New York offices.  Well, toiling may not be the best descriptor for a corporation that offers shoulder massages, afternoon tea, and a company-sponsored weekend ski trip to Vermont.

“Never before have I been surrounded by so many people of Grade A quality.  Because we are all top achievers, it’s a catalyst for working harder,” says this newly-hired sales representative of consumer packaged goods for Google. 

It’s only her second job, although in her first as a regional sales manager for PeaceWorks, Inc., Nora managed to increase sales by 643 percent. 

Not bad for a woman who applied to Trinity because a friend told her that the university featured “amazing speakers and a room cleaning service!”

“Oddly enough, I ‘googled’ Trinity based on those two recommendations,” she says laughingly. “But I can’t say enough good things about my campus experience such as the amazing people and lifetime friends that I made – not to mention the quality of the professors and caliber of teaching and curriculum.”

Professors such as Don Van Eynde, department of business administration, about whom she says, “He brought a wealth of experience to an academic setting and always gave it a personal touch.”

She also credits Andrew Hansen, department of speech and drama, for challenging her “like never before.”

“He put my analytical abilities and rhetorical skills to the test.”

Nora says she is involved with the New York alumni chapter where she attends career  networking events in New York City and is a point of contact and mentor for recent graduates hoping to relocate to the Big Apple.

“Trinity was vital to my personal growth because it afforded me the opportunity to be in a cosmopolitan atmosphere in an enclosed setting.  The school prepared me for this job, but I don’t always see myself working for a big corporation because I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs.  This is the perfect opportunity for right now though and is a great company in which to experience in the corporate world.”

Nora Ziegenhagen