Mark Tucker ’99

California Dreamin’

By Donna Parker


“DreamWorks doesn’t have job titles – from Jeffrey Katzenberg down to the guy in the mailroom, we’re all one big happy family,” says an excited Mark Tucker ’99 who works in Consumer Products Promotions for DreamWorks Animation SKG™.  The acronym stands for studio founders, Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg, and David Geffen. 

“To sit down in a recording session with Antonio Banderas (voice of Puss In Boots – Shrek the Third) and to see various stages of this film in process is really amazing,” continues Mark.  “This is a billion-dollar franchise and we are very proud of it!.”

A self-described “film geek,” Mark’s back story begins in 1997 when, as a Trinity student, he noticed a poster in the department of communication on campus. Disney Studios needed a San Antonio-based “trailer checker,” and he jumped at the chance to get paid $30 to see Disney movies, often multiple times each, during which he gauged audience reaction, including how often everyone laughed and how full the theater was. 

“Sometimes during trailer checks, I would see 24 sets of movie trailers in a day.  I could recite them by heart.  When you’re a college student and making ends meet, it was the perfect gig.  Being in a movie theatre was the perfect place for me!”

Mark studied communication under Suzanne Williams-Rautiola, department of communication.  “She came to my wedding!” And, he credits his advisor, Harry Haines, department of communication, for providing continuing support, mentioning that they “still e-mail all of the time” and adding that “Harry was an engaging soul and very supportive in school.”  Also serving as a mentor for Mark was Charlene Davis, department of business administration. “I look forward to my next guest speaker invitation for her Promotions class!”

Mark married fellow alumna, Margaret Egan, who graduated a year after he did and now practices real estate law in Los Angeles.  Even his proposal was movie-themed!

“I proposed at a Lilo and Stitch conference in Hawaii!”

The two are now proud parents of 9-month-old daughter, Victoria Elaine.

“You should see her when she’s eating her messy meals in her Trinity bib,” he jokes.

“My family is number one, there is no doubt,” says Mark, but he believes very strongly in volunteer work and was recently honored with the Disney’s Greater Los Angeles VoluntEAR of the Year Award.  Prior to his stint at DreamWorks, Mark worked for five years at Disney’s Buena Vista Pictures Marketing on multiple promotions for Cars and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, to name a few. 

“I found my love of volunteering at Trinity serving in Alpha Phi Omega (APO), the national service fraternity.  I am fortunate in being able to give back to that chapter monetarily, even now.” 

The $2,500 grant he received from his Disney award was passed along to Trinity’s APO chapter for its continuing work.

Meanwhile, Mark follows the stars on his way to fulfilling his dream of becoming a film producer.

“I’m not a producer yet, but with a wife and newborn baby, I’m happy that my job is steady and amazingly fun.  It allows me to show off my diverse talents, but at heart, I’m just a big, tall, goofy guy who loves kids and enjoys having fun.”

Looks like Mark has a ticket to the best show in town.


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