Natalie Walrond '93

She’s in the Money

By Donna Parker

Natalie Walrond ’93 has advised senior management teams on potential investments, worked in emerging markets equities, and suggested venture partnerships to chief executives of corporations.  Her days right now, however, are not spent forecasting quarterly financial performance or mentoring junior associates, but rather mothering her 4 ½ -year-old daughter, Julia, and 15-month-old son, Henry.

“I think staying home with my children for this time was absolutely the right decision for me.  It is a personal decision for every parent, but I felt like I was working so many hours and missing so much of their childhood.  For me, it’s all about finding the right job at the right time of your life,” says Natalie.

Natalie says this may be the year for her to return to work and focus again on her professional goals that culminated as an international business major at Trinity.

“Trinity taught me to think critically about information. When I started, I was naïve about everything I saw on the news or read in the paper. The professors taught us to pick information apart and analyze it.”

“My statistics professor, Richard Burr, professor of business administration, was very engaging and encouraged us to nurture our critical thinking and Judith Fisher, professor of English, also was inspiring.   She was challenging and encouraging at the same time, treating students with respect and commanding that respect in return.”

Natalie, who met her husband, John, in a mentoring program at Trinity, went on to earn her M.B.A. with a concentration in analytic finance and policy studies from the University of Chicago Graduate School Of Business.  From there, she then specialized in emerging markets equities for Northwestern Mutual Life in Milwaukee and Banc of America Securities, LLC in San Francisco. 

“John and I live in one of the greatest cities in the country.  We enjoy what this city has to offer for our kids and we have lots of friends who are fellow Trinity alumni and live in this area, so we see them as much as possible and enjoy the great restaurants here.”

“I am also a planner, so I’m doing what I envisioned while at Trinity.  Fundamentally, I’m the same person and still enjoy a good time with friends on Ocean Beach in San Francisco, enjoying the sunshine.”

“My life has taken wonderful turns.  With each new direction my life has taken, it’s opened up new and interesting doors, showing me new options that I hadn’t considered before.”

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