Rushton Hurley ’89

Visualizing the Future

By Donna Parker

The next time your child needs help with his math homework, Rushton Hurley ’89 has just the place to click through on the Internet.  It’s www.nextvista.org – a learning Web site that provides “light bulb” moments for your child under such subtopics as Three Ways to Solve a Proportion and Subtracting Negatives.

“Since building the site during the past 18 months, we’ve had loads of successes, but we still have a wish list of exciting projects that we hope to be able to do with continued support,” says this community-minded educator, based in Santa Clara, Calif.

“I’ve spent 18 years in the educational environment. NextVista.org was just a natural next step for me, stemming from the idea that children can turn to our online video resources to build upon their academics and explain things in a clear and non-confusing manner.”

“Trinity really set me on this exploratory path.  The professors and even the students got me to see the world in new ways, encouraging me to nourish my ideas and make them happen.”

“Don Clark, department of history, helped me become interested in Asia, and my semester in Japan has shaped everything I’ve done since.”

“Char Miller, department of history, created magic in teaching history.  A lot of what I’ve done as a teacher came from the way he taught – by getting his students engaged in the learning process.”

Rushton says one of his friends in college called him a “peacemaker,” which he describes as “the nicest compliment.”  Several years ago while he and wife Tabitha lived in San Antonio, Rushton received an MLK Day honor – The Unity of Humanity Award – for his work with students from challenging backgrounds at the Southwest Preparatory Schools.

But, for right now, Rushton is clearly focused online – on NextVista.org.

“Getting this going is the most important thing I’ve ever done.  We believe this will help millions of children along their educational journey.”

“I think that, in describing my life now, I’m a person who’s really excited about ideas and helping others.  That’s what came from Trinity.  The wonderful classes and the time spent with the college-based TUVAC organization focused on volunteer projects helped me gain perspective on the real world in ways that I may not have had.”

“Right now, I’m just following my own advice.  I stick to things that fascinate and inspire me and try to make my life a meaningful one.  That is my mission with NextVista.org.”
You may contact Rushton at rh@nextvista.org