Jeremy Boyce ’03

He’s Got Game

By Donna Parker

When Hurricane Katrina blew through New Orleans, it destroyed and damaged lives, wreaked economic havoc, and left behind less than a level playing field for the Crescent City’s Parks and Recreation Department, which suffered $60 million in losses.  Now, Jeremy Boyce ’03 is quarterbacking efforts to rebuild.

Jeremy, recently named by the NCAA as Program Coordinator for Youth Football in New Orleans, heads a new and exciting youth program revitalizing football and adding a little fun to a city that hasn’t had much to smile about.

“I just helped shoot a public service announcement (PSA) and we first videotaped on a field decimated by the storm; then, a new field with the kids wearing new uniforms and kicking new balls.  It’s times like this when I just love my job and know that I’m doing this for the kids.  As an athlete myself, it gives me the desire to put what is needed into the program,”  says Jeremy, who credits playing Trinity Tiger football and working camera for Tiger TV as great preparation for the job at hand. 

“Producing the documentary, Resurrecting Cementville, which I helped shoot and editfor Suzanne Williams-Rautiola, department of communication, prepared me for doing work on the PSA.”

Exceptional interpersonal skills are also job-critical, according to Jeremy, who laughingly says, “John McGrath, department of speech and drama, taught most of my classes and now I’m forced to work on those interpersonal skills he stressed, such as getting my point across!”

Jeremy, who is single and lives in a downtown warehouse district apartment, spends his own precious free time exploring New Orleans, searching out delicious places to eat.

“Cajun, seafood – any type of food!!  I even managed to find some good Mexican food – at least, I think it’s good.  It’s been awhile since I was in San Antonio.”

Mostly though, you’ll find him on the job, focused on scoring a touchdown for a city fighting its way back into the game.

“Basically, I continue to educate myself, just as Trinity taught me to do.  I’ve become much more aware of other areas, such as politics and business.  I’ve learned to be more organized administratively and aware of current events.  I don’t know how long this position will last, but hopefully, I’ll end up back in Texas, close to home in Dallas and work with one of the football conferences.”

“For right now, though, it’s so fulfilling to show my support for this growing city by working with the kids.”

You may contact Jeremy at jeremyb@sugarbowl.org