Steve Smith ’99

The Gift of Life

By Donna Parker

L-R: Steve with Kappa brothers Zach Ewing '99 and Mark Levitan '99

Steve Smith ’99 has a new meaning for the word “brother.”

It was while he was working at MTV that Steve, just a couple of years out of Trinity, noticed his hands were trembling.  Thinking it couldn’t be anything serious, Steven was dealt a shocking diagnosis...a strep throat virus had settled in both kidneys, destroying their function (I was on dialysis for 7 months).  Steve underwent his first kidney transplant, which lasted only seven months; his prognosis, grim, put him back on dialysis.  
That’s when his Trinity experience became a life-saving journey.  Many people, including 25 fraternity brothers, stepped up for testing as possible donors.   His Kappa Kappa Delta fraternity brother, Drew Allen ’01, two years behind him in school, wound up donating the kidney that saved Steve’s life.

Steve is aware of the depth of his Trinity connection.

“Drew and I were friendly in school, but he was two years behind me.  It’s amazing to me that he was willing to do this for me.”

The picture of health now, Steve works at a Beverly Hills talent agency that represents writers, directors, and actors.  This Albuquerque native, though, has already set his sights on a new goal; producing television and movie projects.

Even though his career keeps him tremendously busy, he always finds time to give back to the community, recently taking time out to promote a concert that raised proceeds for the National Kidney Foundation.

Steve feels a strong bond with Drew and his fraternity brothers.  Underscoring that is his continuing involvement in Trinity activities as a board member of the Southern California Alumni Chapter and Chairman of The Kappa Kappa Delta Alumni Association.

Looking back, he remembers others at Trinity who touched his life; especially the late John Hutton, department of art and art history.

 “My fondest memories in the classroom were under his instruction.”

Steve emphasizes organ donation as the true gift of life and in his case, a second chance for him to realize his dreams.

“Really, what I went through is nothing special compared to what others go through.  How you deal with problems and how you respond to them...that’s what life is; you confront it and deal with it.”

Spoken like a true Trinity Tiger.

You can contact Steve at smsmith96@yahoo.com.