Raul Hinojosa ’78

Life Guard

By Donna Parker

Raul Hinojosa ’78, who earned his bachelor of science degree in business administration, is a registered representative for New York Life, selling securities and insurance, but his real calling is working for the United States Coast Guard. Shortly after the events on Sept. 11, 2001 unfolded, Raul found himself wanting to give back.  He’d seen a show on the Coast Guard on CNN which captured his attention. 

“By chance, I was at a convenience store in San Antonio and ran into a Coast Guard recruiting officer.  He told me I was too old to join the reserves, but could be part of the Civilian Auxiliary Branch as a recruiter, so here I am…more fulfilled than ever.”

“I believe in fate and for whatever reason, I was meant to run into that recruiter,” says Raul, who laughingly talks about his ensuing experience, training with the “20-something” young cadets in Connecticut.

“Well, it’s the last thing I thought I’d be doing at age 50!  In addition to the standard grueling physical training, they put us in a 7-foot-tall tank and filled it with water.  As a team, we had to work through the panic. At the end of training, I left with a sincere appreciation of the youth of this country and the generations before them who’ve submitted to this type of rigor.”

Community involvement is a recurrent theme for Raul, who is a Rotarian, an active parishioner of Holy Spirit Church and an alumni board member for Central Catholic High School.  Raul credits his Trinity years for nurturing this love of community.

“So much of what happens later in life is a reflection of your basic education and your own principles.  Trinity encouraged this type of involvement,” says Raul, who credits O.Z. White, department of psychology, as being his mentor not only during his college years, but even now. 

“We run into each other often, since his home is near the campus walking trail.”

“I also remember Daniel Rodriguez, department of modern languages and literatures, who was accessible to students with any type of question.”

These days, Raul tries to be available to his own kids – 4-year-old Raul Gustavo and 2-year-old Emilio Ramone.

“I’d known my wife for 20 years before we started dating five years ago.  She needed some insurance and I filled her policy.  We decided we weren’t getting any younger, got married and had these two kids, later in life.  It’s made me really appreciate them and the simple activities we share such as riding the miniature train at Brackenridge Park.”

“I’ve matured into life. At graduation, you’re filled with perceptions about what life will be.  Right now, I appreciate the present and giving back.”

You may contact Raul at rlhnjs@aol.com