Maryrose Monroe ’84

In Touch with Life’s Treasures

By Donna Parker

She decided on Trinity, and by extension San Antonio, so she could “perfect her tan,” but it was so hot on Maryrose Monroe’s first day at Trinity that she almost went back home to the cooler climate of Milwaukee.  Thankfully, Maryrose, who received her bachelor’s degree in history from Trinity in 1984, decided to give San Antonio’s weather a second chance and stayed in town.

“Trinity was a perfect match for me because of its size.  I received individualized attention, which led to a successful college experience.  San Antonio, with its Hispanic population, was also an attraction for me,” says Maryrose.

She cites her lifelong friends made on campus as the most cherished thing about her college years.  That, and a diagnosis from a psychiatrist she was referred to by the counseling center on campus.

“I was having a difficult time in college and was finally diagnosed as bipolar.  The doctor put me on the right medication and it changed my life!  I wouldn’t be functioning in my chosen field if I had not been properly diagnosed 24 years ago.”

Maryrose’s chosen field is fun – through design.  She owns the London-based company, Johnny Loves Rosie, named after her parents’ lifelong love affair.

“I grew up seeing my dad celebrate occasions buying jewelry for my mom.  They just celebrated their 50th anniversary, so my company’s name is based on a true love story.  The brand is very well recognized and respected in the UK and recently celebrated its 15th anniversary.”

Maryrose has plenty to be proud of. Johnny Loves Rosie jewelry is worn by such luminaries as Helena Bonham Carter and Leona Lewis. Still, she maintains, what she is even more proud of is staying in touch with her dear friends.

“I am in daily contact with the sister of a friend I made on my very first day at Trinity, as well as a second grade friend!”

Maryrose, who didn’t envision the kind of success in college that she’s realized through her London company, nonetheless knew she wanted to be successful and did begin to realize her entrepreneurial qualities shortly after college.

“I started three businesses before I found my niche with Johnny Loves Rosie.”

“My motto is to do what you love!  To spend a lot of your day working and going to a job you don’t enjoy is not a recipe for a happy life.  Also, remember relationships and make a concerted effort to never lose your great friends.  They will help you stay true to yourself.”

You may contact Maryrose at maryrose@johnnylovesrosie.co.uk.