Jeff Gottfried ’98

Lessons Learned

By Donna Parker

A schoolteacher by trade, Jeff Gottfried, who received a master’s of art in elementary education in 1998 from Trinity, is now a full-fledged artist with a dedicated Web site – www.artistinbronze.com – to showcase his Western-themed creations.

Jeff is very excited that a commemorative poster of his bronze sculpture, “Battle of Wills,” was selected to represent the 87th annual Greeley, Colo., Stampede Art Show and will be included in all of the upcoming year’s promotional materials – quite an honor for this humble sculptor.

“Walking away from teaching, for which I am formally trained, to follow my passion of being an artist was really the turning point in my life,” says this representational bronze sculptor.

“I am certainly not doing what I expected I’d be doing while a student at Trinity, but it was Trinity that gave me the self-confidence to follow my dreams.  I approach life as a learning experience and continually try to grow personally and professionally.”

Jeff says Trinity taught him self-discipline and critical thinking skills preparing him to foster his creativity, which is essential to his current career.

“I worked most closely with Bruce Frazee and Cynthia Alford, both of the department of education. Cynthia was particularly encouraging, inspiring me to do my best and challenging me to learn.”

“Trinity was a tremendous influence in my life.  At the root of everything I learned in school is to always ask questions and never stop learning.  The moment anyone thinks they know it all about a certain discipline, they stop growing.”

 “Right now, though, I am most proud of keeping my family a high priority while still finding success in a very competitive and challenging career,” says Jeff.

Jeff has won several awards for his work, including the prestigious 2007 Cowboy Artists of America Founder’s Award for Emerging Artists at the Phippen Show in Prescott, Ariz. 
In addition, his work is sold alongside another important American artist, G. Harvey, in Texas galleries. 
The American West is the inspiration for this sculptor who lives and breathes the country life with his wife, Loren, and 3-year-old son, Clayton, who live happily on 10 acres in the Texas countryside, with horses, dogs, cats and a goat.  Each contributes to the success for Jeff’s own distinctive works of art with a Western flair.

You may e-mail Jeff at jeff@artistinbronze.com.