Marcy McCarron Eason ’75

Mountain Highs

By Donna Parker

Marcy McCarron Eason, who received a bachelor’s degree in English in 1975 from Trinity, was one of the first two women to become a partner in a century-old law firm, Miller & Martin, PLLC, in Tennessee – a ground breaking feat some 20 years ago. Continuing to set precedents, Marcy serves as an appointed member of the Tennessee Judicial Council making recommendations for procedural changes in the State’s judicial system. As if that isn’t enough, she stepped down last year as the president of her state bar association with more than 10,000 members. What she cherishes most, though, is spending quiet moments with her family.

“I’m happiest when able to spend quality, wonderful precious moments with my family – my mom and dad, sister and brother, and my husband and children,” says this spirited attorney who hikes the nearby Signal Mountain (part of the Appalachian trail), but who also enjoys a good smooth ride in a classic car.

“My husband just bought a 1975 Oldsmobile Delta ‘88 Royale red convertible and the leather seats are like a sofa. We put the top down in the evenings and drive along the brow of Signal Mountain. When our girls were younger, our activities were geared to what they wanted to do, but now we really enjoy relaxing by exploring these beautiful mountains including the Cumberland and Appalachian Trails that you can literally lose yourself in.”

A busy attorney by day, Marcy says Trinity prepared her well for her chosen profession by giving her the confidence to ask questions and by teaching her about the world at large.

“My political science professor brought in the Nixon tapes. Prior to that, I didn’t hold a broad world perspective, but I quickly found out from listening to those tapes that our world leaders sometimes do things that are beyond what normal people do.”

“You know, Coleen Grissom, then-Chair of department of English, is an amazing intellectual inspiration for me, as well. She is the most well-read person I’ve ever met and demanded so much of us in her classes that it forced us to rise to the occasion.” There was plenty of time for fun, though, and Marcy fondly remembers going to the top of High Rise on the sunroof to study in the companionship of other students who also headed up there after class to enjoy a little Texas sunshine. “One year when I came home from school, I was so tan that my parents asked if I had even been attending classes!” she laughs.

For this Houston girl, Trinity was a small community within a city – very nurturing at the same time it introduced her to the bigger picture.“I always felt safe there and it was just very eye-opening for me.”

Marcy, who has had the honor of meeting one of her idols – Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, described as having “the most amazing wit” – seems to model her own life after this judge whom she says “has so much compassion and is wonderfully down-to-earth.”

Furthermore, Marcy volunteered (as a board chair) with the Aim Center an organization for the severely mentally disabled and volunteered with the United Way. Girls, Inc., named her last year as “Unbought and Unbossed,” and she is working with other honorees to establish a scholarship program. Marcy is a sharp legal eagle to be sure, but most of all, values her family and lives her life to serve others.

You may contact Marcy at meason@millermartin.com.