Kevin McConnell ’05, MAT’06

Entrepreneurship 101

By Donna Parker

Kevin McConnell, who received a bachelor’s degree in English in 2005 and a master of arts in teaching (secondary education) from Trinity in 2006, is, himself, an entrepreneur. He is very excited to be the new adjunct associate director for the Trinity University Center for Entrepreneurship.

“We’re working to build a great program.  Professors Brooks Hill, department of speech and drama, and Mahbub Uddin, department of engineering, have laid the foundation for an exciting future, and I’m helping to connect some of the dots between our students, entrepreneur alumni and the larger business community.”

“Trinity now boasts an interdisciplinary minor in Entrepreneurship, and we’re working to build momentum for that course of study this year.  We also have an active and growing alumni group, the Trinity University Network of Entrepreneurs (TUNE), which we hope to better engage and involve going forward.” 

“As the premiere university in the country’s seventh largest city, Trinity is exceedingly well positioned for a strong Entrepreneurship program.  We have all the necessary resources, both academically and institutionally, to equip and inspire students to change the world.  It’s now a matter of putting all the pieces together.”

A daunting task to be sure, but one for which Kevin’s alma mater thoroughly prepared him.

“Trinity strengthened and refined my critical thinking skills.  I became a more well-rounded and thoughtful person in my time here.  My liberal arts education made me interested, to some degree, in most everything that moves, which I think is a good thing, particularly for an entrepreneur.”

“Professors and mentors like Dr. Angela Breidenstein, department of Education, Dr. Larry Kimmel, department of philosophy, and Dr. Norman Sherry, department of English, were particularly influential – sharp, supportive and encouraging.  I’m a better person for my time with them and consider myself most blessed to call them friends.”

This new position at Trinity is not the only excitement in Kevin’s life. He and his wife, Chaiss, welcomed home their first child, Ivy James, on August 18th. 

“She’s wonderful and I can’t stop staring at her.  Her mother and I haven’t slept much, but we haven’t stopped smiling, either.”

Kevin serves on several boards, including the Sharon India Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports poor pastors in India and their congregations, providing financial and livelihood assistance to those most in need.  Interestingly, the foundation was started by the father of fellow alumnus Mark Russell ’07.

In his spare time, Kevin enjoys traveling, reading and writing.  He’s a willing participant in most any athletic endeavor and particularly enjoys golfing with his brother, Craig, the Men’s Golf Coach at Trinity.

All in all, he’s in a very good place after formerly spending his workweeks traveling for a corporate job.  He hasn’t left the business world completely, though, having helped co-found an urban planning, policy and development company, Zane Garway, with former San Antonio Mayor Ed Garza and business partner Sam Wayne.

“It’s good to be back at Trinity. I have nothing but fond memories here and this position is a good fit for my interests and skill set. It’s an exciting time for Trinity and I’m pleased to be a part of it.”

You may contact Kevin at Kevin.McConnell@trinity.edu.