Steve Wegner ’79

Sweet Success

By Donna Parker

Steve Wegner, who received a double bachelor’s degree in print journalism and music in 1979 from Trinity, took stock of his professional life 11 years ago and decided to leave the glamorous world of local television, where he was a news director and executive producer for a news magazine show, PM Magazine.   

“The last two or three years I worked at KSAT, I was just treading water and didn’t know what I wanted to do, so I resigned and took a month off to figure it out,” says Steve.

It was during this time that he read, Zen and the Art of Making a Living, about discovering your true passion.  He’d always loved to cook and determined that was his next direction. 

“I always had been interested in baking and actually took a sandwich press job at a small restaurant near Brackenridge Park. One day, the baker didn’t show up and there were cake orders to get done. I convinced them to give me a shot. Long story and several restaurant jobs later, I ended up doing what I love for Central Market.”   

Steve is Chef Instructor, conducting cooking classes at this innovative food store. 

“I teach all kinds of food preparation, but pastry is still near and dear to my heart.  Pastry is more meticulous and exacting than any other kind of cooking and that fits my personality.  I tend to like organization, precision and predictability and other kinds of cooking are not that way.  This creates a huge personality difference with chefs, so we drive each other crazy!” jokes Steve.

Steve also put his music degree to good use, singing in the St. Mark’s Episcopal choir, where he’s been a member “forever.” 

Truly, though, his passion is baking. When asked what he does for fun on his days off, he replies, “I cook and work with a woman who owns a pastry business. We do custom decorated cakes and cookies. I do this as much for fun as anything else!”

“I also love shopping in restaurant supply stores, looking for cooking tools that I don’t need,” he laughs.

Steve loves to travel, having visited Spain several times with his partner, Antonio Gragera, with whom he shares a home and two pets, Santiago and Figaro, whom Steve refers to as his “step cats.”

He credits Trinity with teaching him independence and how to find his footing in this world.

“I had no idea what I wanted to do when I went.  I’m kind of from the old school.  I went to college for four years to learn to be an independent adult.”

“I have great memories of my involvement with chapel activities, under the direction of former University Chaplain Reverend Raymond Judd. Dr. Claude Zetty, department of music and the director of choral activities, was a motivational professor.  He was talented musically and really encouraged us to do our best.  That exposure led me to my continuing interest in choral singing.”

“I also was a part of the chamber singers and workshops.  Basically, Trinity gave me the opportunity to become secure as an adult.  It broadened my critical thinking skills and I learned to be confident and make my own decisions.”

For Steve, his college years were ingredients in his life’s recipe for success.

You may contact Steve at stevesings@ymail.com.