Cristina Miranda '08

And the Winner Is…

By Donna Parker

Cristina’s Court – the television program which recently garnered a daytime Emmy for Outstanding Legal Courtroom Show – has a Trinity connection. At the awards show, one very excited associate producer on stage was Cristina Miranda, who had poured her heart into this show, working on 150 episodes in just three short months. Cristina received a bachelor’s degree in communication from Trinity in 2008.

“Once they read off the winner, we went up on stage and we all screamed really loud.  It was so much fun,” says this enthusiastic Trinity graduate.

“It was truly a great experience!  One of my dreams always has been to be photographed walking the red carpet, and it happened at the Daytime Emmys only one year after graduating from Trinity!”

Earlier this year, the verdict was in for the show and it was cancelled, but the draw to Tinseltown was strong and Cristina moved to Los Angeles.  She is now chasing her dream doing freelance work for such shows as America’s Got Talent and recently got a full time job at Destroyed in Seconds on the Discovery Channel.  In a very lucky break, a friend invited her to live with his family in the Hollywood Hills and it’s been a once in a lifetime opportunity for Cristina to make new contacts.  Stars are everywhere – even on her daily walks for exercise.

“Last week, while I was walking, I passed by Keanu Reeves working on his motorcycle,” she laughs. A few steps more and I saw Jason Statham getting into his car.  Even going out to eat is an adventure. So far, I’ve seen Gwyneth Paltrow, Robert Downey Jr., and Sylvester Stallone.

All pretty heady stuff for the girl who couldn’t find her place in high school in Houston, but definitely secured her niche when she arrived at Trinity.

“I loved the campus and the people who went there.  At Trinity, I finally found a place where I fit in. I was a member of Sigma Theta Tau.  Plus, being able to work on Tiger TV helped me get ready for producing in Los Angeles.”

Cristina lauds Patrick Keating, department of communication, her senior year film professor, for nurturing her passion for film and TV.

“He was the only teacher at Trinity who had gone to film school.  I loved his classes and knowledge of the business.  He taught us how to look at a scene and make characters work together through lighting, camera angles and colors – in essence, framing a scene.  The best part was going out and filming on campus, rather than sitting through lectures.  This gave us a chance to experiment and then receive critiques on our work the next day from classmates.”

“It helped provide a foundation for me.  I love working in this industry and plan to continue on.  It’s all about knowing people in Hollywood.  I’ve made some great connections through the show and now – it’s only a matter of time.”

You may contact Cristina at cristinamiranda@mac.com.