Faith Brozovich’03

Socially Aware

By Donna Parker

Faith Brozovich, who received a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Trinity in 2003, has only been out of Trinity for six years, but has already made her mark in the world of scientific research.  In November of 2008, the APA Science Student Council presented her with the early researcher award in applied science, for which she received a $1,000 award.  This honor recognized her paper, titled Post-Event Processing: Self-Evaluation of Performance in Social Anxiety.

As a third-year doctoral student at Temple University in Philadelphia, Faith’s research focuses on cognitive biases in anxiety disorders, specifically the role of post-event processing in maintaining social anxiety through memory and interpretation biases.

“Socially anxious individuals play interactions over and over in their heads in a maladaptive way, reconstructing them over time so that their memories of events become more and more negative.”

Faith has plans to utilize her award funds to travel to scientific conferences this year.  She is also eager to begin her clinical internship year at Temple in July.

“Trinity faculty members in the psychology department really served as great mentors for me while I was there and after,” explains Faith.

“The small class size and supportive environment encouraged us all to participate in class discussions.”

“Paula Hertel, department of psychology, and I worked together on my honors thesis for two years.  I also collaborated with her on several projects after college.  I really value the dedication of the professors from their teaching to their mentoring.  I had much more individualized attention than what I’ve heard about other colleges.”

In her spare time in Philadelphia, Faith enjoys hanging out with friends and exploring different restaurants of coffee and tea houses.  She also enjoys traveling when time permits.

When she completes her clinical graduate work, Faith would like to obtain a faculty position at a university and continue her line of research on social anxiety disorder.  Meanwhile, she continues to work hard and prepare for her internship at Temple.