The Rev. Barnabas Sprinkle ’98

The Science of Religion

By Donna Parker

The Rev. Barnabas Sprinkle

The Rev. Barnabas Sprinkle, who received bachelor’s degrees in physics and speech communication from Trinity in 1998, is a long way from any physics lab and that’s an answered prayer as far as he’s concerned.  This evangelist and self-described “people person” fulfills his calling to God at the First Presbyterian Church of Douglasville, Ga., where he is the associate pastor and leader of the mission effort, having recently constructed water treatment facilities for Haitian earthquake victims.

“That was a partnership of churches,” explains Reverend Sprinkle, who continues, “Along with the water treatment plants, we distributed dental equipment and eyeglasses.  To me, this is the first in a series of steps that both the volunteers and recipients can take in furthering their relationship with God.”

This active minister is a 2003 graduate of Columbia Theological Seminary. He wants more than anything to impact the world while working with his congregants to realize their own spiritual journeys.  The first inkling that physics wouldn’t be his career choice was during his Trinity days when he attended First Presbyterian Church in San Antonio and assisted with the youth mission. 

“The pastor delivered an impassioned sermon one Sunday asking, ‘where has God placed you?’ and that was the first time I asked that question of myself.  I decided my gifts were working with people and exploring spirituality, and not working by myself doing scientific research.  It helped that while a Trinity student, former University Chaplain Rev. Raymond Judd, Trinity Trustee Paul Smith, and I had many faith-based conversations.  My call process was not sudden, but gradual. Reverend Zbinden's sermon was the beginning of the journey and not its end; it was the first time I started asking what God wanted, rather than asking God to bless what I wanted.”

Barnabas loved his Trinity days and the opportunity to explore career options.  More than anything, he reveled in the friendships he made.

“Oh, the people!  They are great friends that I’ll keep forever.  Also, my professors were outstanding.  Dr. Daniel Spiegel, department of physics and astronomy, provided superb guidance.  Then, of course, there was Moya Ball, department of speech and drama.  I so enjoyed her first class that I kept on taking classes.  I minored in Moya Ball!” he laughs.

“Trinity also helped me analyze my thought process and provided a strong sense of exploration into many intellectual fields.”

Barnabas, who resides in Georgia with his wife and two young children, enjoys camping, reading and most of all, playing hide and seek, which he lists as his primary hobby!

“My sons and I have so much fun together.  At five and two, they’re at a fantastic age!  The biggest thing that’s happened to me is becoming a father and understanding God’s love for us as a Father.  I didn’t really get that until I became a dad myself.”

You may contact Barnabas at Barnabas_sprinkle@hotmail.com.

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