Martha King ’08


It’s funny where life takes you, especially when you grow up in the shadow of the University of Alabama campus but head to Texas for college.  Martha King ’08 thought she’d spend her professional life in the Lone Star State, too.  Things changed dramatically when she got a phone call from the dad of the little boy she used to babysit.  Now Martha is living proof that you can go home again. 

By Donna Parker

Martha King, who received her bachelor’s degree in business administration (marketing) from Trinity in 2008, is realizing her dream and frankly, loving every minute of it.  This Alabaman, born and bred, spent her growing-up years in The University of Alabama’s Coleman Coliseum - sitting next to her dad watching basketball games.   The little girl grew up to be the graduate assistant coach of that school’s women’s basketball team, and these days, Martha’s parents sit in those same seats watching her coach.

“It was always a special feeling for me to see the teams run out to the Alabama fight song.  I knew deep down inside that some day down the road, I’d end up here.  I just didn’t know that it would be in this spectacular way!” says Martha, excitedly, who will start taking graduate classes in sports management next month.

The journey back after graduation from Trinity is a story in and of itself.  Martha had already returned back home to Birmingham and last basketball season, the father of a little boy who Martha used to babysit called her to coach his son’s seventh grade boys’ basketball team.

“I said, ‘absolutely.’ I coached along with my best friend.  I fell back in love with basketball, but in a different way—as a coach.  I knew very clearly that basketball and sports were where I wanted to take my career.”

Martha also volunteered at Birmingham Southern’s basketball camp and the University of Alabama building relationships which eventually paid off in a big way.

“When the head coach called and offered me the graduate assistant position, I moved down here very quickly!”

This lifelong fan of the boards played basketball for Trinity where she says she was “in love with basketball” and got a good feeling from the coach and team with whom she played.

“I was always drawn to Trinity in a way that Alabama couldn’t offer me.  It was a great place to establish relationships with my teammates, sorority sisters, and professors.  The great thing was you always ran into friends on campus.”

Martha fondly remembers Richard Burr, department of business administration, who especially helped her in her statistics class.

“He’s an Alabama alumnus,” says Martha.  “When I played basketball at Trinity, he would e-mail me whenever there was a big game, writing ‘Roll, Tigers, Roll,’ ” she laughs.

Martha went abroad with his class, but also admired Andrew Hansen, department of speech and drama, and Charlene Davis, department of business administration, whom she calls a role model.

“She is such a smart, intelligent career woman.”

Martha, who describes herself as hard working and loyal, spends her spare moments off the court running through the campus quad with her dog, Bear Bryant, and enjoying the great scenery around the Denny Chimes.

“There’s a sense of pride,” says Martha.  “It’s a gorgeous campus and running down University Boulevard under the big clock and across the street from the president’s mansion just gives me a great feeling!”

You may email Martha at marthaconverseking@gmail.com.

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