Nate Muncaster ’95

He was Born a Travelin' Man

Nate Muncaster ’95 could play the lead character in the movie “Up in the Air,” the only difference being he loves his home in Ennis as much as any canal in Venice or ruin in Rome.  Take a glimpse into life on the road for this grad that plans to transfer to Istanbul with his long-time girlfriend, to whom he just popped the question.

By Donna Parker

Nate Muncaster, who received a bachelor’s degree in history from Trinity in 1995, proofread this profile returning home from Sweden last week.  That followed trips to Kenya, the Philippines and …oh yes, a side trip to Bogota, Colombia, where he proposed to his longtime girlfriend.  This is a man who embodies the term “frequent flier.”

“Most years, I travel to 20 countries, although some years that number reached 32 or 33.  Basically, I’ve been to every continent, of course, and many countries roughly six to 15 times,” says Nate. Prior to traveling, Nate worked as an expatriate for other companies in Paris, France, Sao Paulo, Brazil, San Luis Potosi, Mexico and Hong Kong, China.

But doesn’t it get old—traveling that much? 

“It’s lost its glamour,” admits Nate, “but look at it this way, I’ve circumnavigated the globe seven times.  Basically, it’s cheaper to buy around the world tickets.”

Nate is the global business development director of Polyguard based in Ennis, Texas.  It’s a job he takes seriously and performs well, recently accepting the Presidential Export Achievement Award on behalf of this company.

But back to the side trip to Bogota.  On Feb.14, Nate took his fiancée out for a romantic dinner overlooking the city lights.  Once back at their hotel suite with an arrangement of dozens of roses, placed there by hotel staff, Nate proposed with ring in hand.

The happy couple will soon relocate to Istanbul, because the region is a target market for Polyguard. Furthermore, because with Nate’s grueling “up in the air” schedule, it is more strategically located and closer to Europe and the Middle East where much of his business is conducted.

All this travel to exotic locales means Nate has had the unique opportunity to explore and learn about various cultures.

“Dr. Colin Wells, department of classical studies, would be stunned,” observes Nate. 

“Recently, I was walking through Roman ruins in Tunisia and thought about how Dr. Wells would be blown away with my understanding.  I find myself elaborating on what PhD’s state on the History Channel, a personal favorite. I’m very erudite on Roman and Greek history.  This from a student who carried a GPA of 2.23 at Trinity!” jokes Nate.

“Anyway, he was a great teacher, as was Gary Kates, department of history. Very knowledgeable; both of them.”

“I really respect Trinity as a very good school.  The environment was great.  I had an opportunity for a good education.  And, I still stay in touch with old friends.  I was at my 15-year reunion and actually did a book signing.”

Yes, between airplane rides, Nate authored a book entitled, The Spirit of Cinco de Mayo,  which is historical fiction for young adults. 

This world-traveling author is also a linguist, fluent in six languages and studying two more, Turkish and Arabic.  When he is on the ground, he also loves to cycle, run, read, and watch foreign films.

A self-described driven and restless individual, with a penchant for intellectual hyperactivity, Nate takes it all in stride, saying he has just grown into the person he is now—different from Trinity days, but culture and world travel have had a huge impact. Nate also credits study experiences in Italy, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Tunisia and Germany.

So, next time you’re at an airport—any airport—keep your eyes peeled for this Ennis, Texas, global citizen who climbs to 30,000 feet on a regular basis, bound for yet another business deal.  Soon, however, this solo traveler will join hands with his new wife to continue the journey. 

You may contact Nate at Nate_Muncaster@yahoo.com

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