Jennifer Krejci-Manwaring '95

She Speaks Volumes

Jennifer Krejci-Manwaring ’95 discovered her passion and is partnering in medical research with one of her Trinity professors.

By Donna Parker

Dr. Jennifer Krejci-Manwaring received a degree in speech communication from Trinity in 1995, but decided to explore her options, keying into her minor in communication management, lifetime sports, and fitness.

“I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life as an undergraduate,” says Jennifer, “but I took speech because it seemed practical, no matter what I decided to do.”

She went to work as a personal trainer and fitness director at a San Antonio health club, frequently putting her degree to work addressing health related issues on radio and TV.

“Mostly, I liked working with older patrons and went into my pre-med studies thinking geriatrics, but I took an elective in dermatology during med school and fell in love with it.”

After completing her residency in Kansas and earning an M.D. from UT Houston, Jennifer came back to San Antonio and joined the UT Health Science Center, soon discovering that her speech degree is just what the doctor ordered.

“As an academic physician, I teach groups in size from five to 200.  I present to fellow physicians, residents and students all the time as well as interacting one-to-one with my patients,” says this assistant professor of dermatology at UTHSC.

“Simply put, if you can’t explain things in a way that makes sense, then patients can’t follow your advice as a doctor.”

Right now, Jennifer is partnering with Professor John McGrath, department of human communication and theatre, on a skin cancer project at the Health Science Center.   

“Although there is an ever-growing number of people being treated for skin cancer, people still disregard warnings.  So Dr. McGrath and I are conducting a study with veterans to figure out the best way to reach out to people and modify their behavior to prolonged sun exposure.”

Jennifer spends her free time with her husband, Ted, and their two children, Merric, 6, and Morgan, 3, and says her kids keep them laughing. 

“They also make us so proud.  My son just joined the swim team and won first place in backstroke and my daughter – well, she has her own set of accomplishments.  She’s a good eater,” laughs Jennifer. “And she is very strong willed.  It’s ‘monkey see, monkey do’ as she follows her older brother.”

Her work is very important and she is in it to help people, not to, as she says, “change the world.”

“I’ll be in dermatology forever because I feel like I’m making a difference.  I’m not here to impress my patients.  I’m here to let them know that I hear them and want to design the best plan for their best life.”

You may contact Jennifer at krejcimanwar@uthscsa.edu or to schedule an appointment you may call 210-450-9840.

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