Recruitment Chairs

Interested in becoming a

Recruitment Chair?

If you live in an area not listed and you are interested in becoming a Recruitment Chair this year, please email elizabeth.ford@trinity.edu.

Chairs 2010-2011

(as of July 30, 2010)

Albuquerque: TBA

Arizona: TBA

Atlanta: TBA

Austin: Amy Winebright '97, awinebright@austin.rr.com

Bay Area: TBA

Chicago: Demi Brand ’97, demibrand@gmail.com

Colorado: TBA

Dallas: TBA

Fort Worth:  Michael Johnston '77, johnston@txinslaw.com

Houston: Craig Fecel ’00, d_craig_fecelii@ml.com

Kansas City: TBA

Los Angeles: TBA

National Capital Area: TBA

New England: Susie Davis '83,susie_252001@yahoo.com

New York:  TBA

Oklahoma City: TBA 

San Antonio: Michelle Collette '06, elippman@alum.trinity.edu

San Diego: TBA

Seattle: TBA

St. Louis: Amy Senkel '00,amysenkel@yahoo.com

West Texas: TBA


Albuquerque, Arizona, Atlanta, the Bay Area, Colorado, Dallas, Kansas City, Los Angeles, National Capital Area, New York, Oklahoma City, San Diego, Seattle and West Texas do not currently have a Recruitment Chair. If you live in areas not listed and are interested in becoming a Recruitment Chair for your region this year, please contact elizabeth.ford@trinity.edu.  For a job description of the Recruitment Chair, please visit http://www.trinity.edu/departments/alumni_relations/taan/chairs.htm.


     Recruitment Chair - Job Description

  • Maintain close contact with the Recruitment liaisons in the Alumni Relations and Admissions Offices.
    • Maintain mutual correspondence on area events and applicants.
    • Offer suggestions for improvement and feedback on recruitment to the Alumni Relations and Admissions Offices as needed.
  • Arrange coverage by area committee members at specified college fairs or Admissions events.
  • Arrange attendance by committee members at area receptions for prospective or admitted students.
  • Organize area committee members for the Admission Office’s letter writing campaign for newly admitted students. Receive, sort, and distribute the students’ contact information to participating members.
  • Maintain current record of area committee members’ addresses, email addresses, phone numbers and assignments.
  • Actively solicit new committee members for your area.
    • Suggested sources include the Alumni Office, local alumni chapters and networks, and communication with other alumni.
  • Conduct new committee member orientation for your area.
    • Confirm they have received a packet of information from the Admissions Office and understand the material provided to them as well as their responsibilities.
  • Conduct an annual meeting to orient, train, and update new and existing volunteers.
    • The purpose of this meeting is to train and update new and existing committee members and allow members to socialize and network.
  • Provide a support system for your area committee members.
    • This ensures their continued commitment and provides a source for getting answers to their questions.