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February 13, 2007

Ten Burning Questions with Coach JC Bunch

Coaching Experience: 4 years coaching High School, First Season at Trinity
Alma Mater: Trinity University
Hometown: Austin, TX


TU: What is the best baseball movie of all-time?
JB: The Natural, hands down.

TU: Who on the team would most likely win on Jeopardy?
JB: Me, I know more useless information than anyone

TU: Who is the best-conditioned guy on the team?
JB: Ryan Hopkins

TU: What's the most obscure place you've ever played baseball?
JB: Pulaski, VA.

TU: What is the biggest game on the schedule this year?
JB: The last one

TU: What major league ballpark would you like to play in?
JB: Yankee Stadium, because of the history and who else has played there

TU: What is your favorite place to eat in San Antonio?
JB: La Posada del Rey—They know me by name.

TU: Who on the team do you predict will have a big year based on how much they have improved?
JB: The hardest worker I saw this fall was Jeff Claydon.  He should be a “guy” this year.

TU: What is your most prized piece of baseball equipment or memorabilia?
JB: The bat I used with my name on it from the minors.  Not big into collecting other memorabilia

TU: Tells us one interesting fact about you.
JB: I have coached at both schools that I graduated from—HS and College.





Check back tomorrow as we continue Ten Burning Questions with the Tiger Coaching Staff.



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