2nd Quarter Play-by-Play

  Millsaps College vs. Trinity University
  Date: Oct 12, 2013 • Site: San Antonio, Texas

2nd Quarter Play-by-Play
Millsaps2-7on Trinity34Start of 2nd quarter, clock 15:00.
Millsaps2-7on Trinity34Mike Barthelemy rush for 2 yards to the TRINITY32 (Tyler Hatton;Austin Lee).
Millsaps3-5on Trinity32Zak Thrasher pass complete to Matt Wahl for 25 yards to the TRINITY7, 1ST DOWN MILLSAPS (J.P. Sanchez;Caleb Green), PENALTY TRINITY offside declined.
Millsaps1-Gon Trinity07Mike Barthelemy rush for 7 yards to the TRINITY0, TOUCHDOWN, clock 13:37.
Beau Brady kick attempt good.
Millsaps College 14, Trinity University 7
 Drive: 8 plays, 59 yards, TOP 4:13
Beau Brady kickoff -34 yards to the MILLSAPS1, Weslyn Wagner return -81 yards to the TRINITY18 (Hector Sandoval).
Trinity 1-10on Trinity18TRINITY UNIVERSITY drive start at 13:32.
Trinity 1-10on Trinity18M. Williams rush for loss of 2 yards to the TRINITY16 (Alex Stewart;Garrett Coble), PENALTY TRINITY illegal block 9 yards to the TRINITY9, NO PLAY.
Trinity 1-19on Trinity09PENALTY MILLSAPS unsportsmanlike conduct 15 yards to the TRINITY24, 1ST DOWN TRINITY.
Trinity 1-10on Trinity24Stephen Smith pass incomplete to Hagen Kattner.
Trinity 2-10on Trinity24Timeout Trinity University, clock 13:00.
Trinity 2-10on Trinity24M. Williams rush for 3 yards to the TRINITY27 (Joiner Stewart).
Trinity 3-7on Trinity27PENALTY TRINITY false start 5 yards to the TRINITY22.
Trinity 3-12on Trinity22Stephen Smith pass complete to Cody Sandman for 13 yards to the TRINITY35, 1ST DOWN TRINITY (Jorrick Battle).
Trinity 1-10on Trinity35Stephen Smith pass complete to Hagen Kattner for 38 yards to the MILLSAPS27, 1ST DOWN TRINITY (Jorrick Battle).
Trinity 1-10on Millsaps27Stephen Smith rush for 7 yards to the MILLSAPS20 (Jeff Milner;Eric Martin), PENALTY TRINITY holding 10 yards to the MILLSAPS30.
Trinity 1-13on Millsaps301st and 13.
Trinity 1-13on Millsaps30Desmond King rush for 8 yards to the MILLSAPS22 (Alex Jackson;Eric Martin).
Trinity 2-5on Millsaps22Stephen Smith pass incomplete to Hagen Kattner, PENALTY MILLSAPS pass interference 15 yards to the MILLSAPS7, 1ST DOWN TRINITY, NO PLAY.
Trinity 1-Gon Millsaps07Desmond King rush for 2 yards to the MILLSAPS5 (Garrett Coble).
Trinity 2-Gon Millsaps05Stephen Smith pass incomplete to Weslyn Wagner.
Trinity 3-Gon Millsaps05Stephen Smith rush for 1 yard to the MILLSAPS4 (Alex Jackson).
Trinity 4-Gon Millsaps04M. Kennemer field goal attempt from 21 GOOD, clock 08:15.
Millsaps College 14, Trinity University 10
 Drive: 10 plays, 78 yards, TOP 5:23
F. Ashford kickoff 59 yards to the MILLSAPS6, John McDowell return 19 yards to the MILLSAPS25 (Austin Pierce).
Millsaps1-10on Millsaps25MILLSAPS COLLEGE drive start at 08:09.
Millsaps1-10on Millsaps25Taz Watson rush for 5 yards to the MILLSAPS30 (Connor Yorloff).
Millsaps2-5on Millsaps30Mike Barthelemy rush for 3 yards to the MILLSAPS33 (Connor Yorloff).
Millsaps3-2on Millsaps33Zak Thrasher rush for 8 yards to the MILLSAPS41, 1ST DOWN MILLSAPS (Connor Yorloff;Jamal Murray).
Millsaps1-10on Millsaps41Taz Watson rush for 3 yards to the MILLSAPS44 (Bradley Drenon).
Millsaps2-7on Millsaps44Zak Thrasher rush for 2 yards to the MILLSAPS46 (Justin Crow).
Millsaps3-5on Millsaps46Zak Thrasher pass complete to Taz Watson for 2 yards to the MILLSAPS48 (Luke Packard).
Millsaps4-3on Millsaps48Timeout Trinity University, clock 04:47.
Millsaps4-3on Millsaps48Benton Dudley punt 52 yards to the TRINITY0, touchback.
 Drive: 6 plays, 23 yards, TOP 3:30
Trinity 1-10on Trinity25TRINITY UNIVERSITY drive start at 04:39.
Trinity 1-10on Trinity25TRINITY ball on TRINITY20.
Trinity 1-10on Trinity20Stephen Smith pass complete to Sam Harford for 80 yards to the MILLSAPS0, 1ST DOWN TRINITY, TOUCHDOWN, clock 04:26.
M. Kennemer kick attempt good.
Trinity University 17, Millsaps College 14
 Drive: 1 play, 80 yards, TOP 0:18
F. Ashford kickoff 52 yards to the MILLSAPS13, John McDowell return 20 yards to the MILLSAPS33 (Adam Saunders).
Millsaps1-10on Millsaps33MILLSAPS COLLEGE drive start at 04:21.
Millsaps1-10on Millsaps33Mike Barthelemy rush for 4 yards to the MILLSAPS37 (Connor Yorloff;Camden Joubert).
Millsaps2-6on Millsaps37Mike Barthelemy rush for 5 yards to the MILLSAPS42 (Connor Yorloff;Tyler Hatton).
Millsaps3-1on Millsaps42Joe Marquez rush for 2 yards to the MILLSAPS44, 1ST DOWN MILLSAPS (Connor Yorloff;Wyatt Tiffany).
Millsaps1-10on Millsaps44Zak Thrasher rush for 3 yards to the MILLSAPS47 (Austin Lee).
Millsaps2-7on Millsaps47Brian Carter pass complete to Charlie Strauss for 14 yards to the TRINITY39, 1ST DOWN MILLSAPS (J.P. Sanchez).
Millsaps1-10on Trinity39Zak Thrasher pass complete to Zander Romano for 8 yards to the TRINITY31 (J.P. Sanchez).
Millsaps2-2on Trinity31Timeout Millsaps College, clock 01:25.
Millsaps2-2on Trinity31Zak Thrasher pass incomplete to Zander Romano, QB hurry by Jamal Murray.
Millsaps3-2on Trinity31Zak Thrasher pass incomplete to Zander Romano.
Millsaps4-2on Trinity31Timeout Millsaps College, clock 01:12.
Millsaps4-2on Trinity31Mike Barthelemy rush for 6 yards to the TRINITY25, 1ST DOWN MILLSAPS (Connor Yorloff;Caleb Green).
Millsaps1-10on Trinity25Zak Thrasher pass incomplete to Trevor King, PENALTY TRINITY pass interference 13 yards to the TRINITY12, 1ST DOWN MILLSAPS, NO PLAY.
Millsaps1-10on Trinity12Zak Thrasher rush for 3 yards to the TRINITY9 (Jamal Murray;Bradley Drenon).
Millsaps2-7on Trinity09Zak Thrasher pass complete to Beau Wells for 2 yards to the TRINITY7 (J.P. Sanchez).
Millsaps3-5on Trinity07Zak Thrasher pass incomplete to Charlie Strauss.
Millsaps4-5on Trinity07Beau Brady field goal attempt from 24 GOOD, clock 00:24.
Millsaps College 17, Trinity University 17
 Drive: 13 plays, 60 yards, TOP 4:02
Beau Brady kickoff 49 yards to the TRINITY16, Weslyn Wagner return 5 yards to the TRINITY21 (Russell Burton;Blake Price).
Trinity 1-10on Trinity21TRINITY UNIVERSITY drive start at 00:19.
Trinity 1-10on Trinity21TEAM rush for loss of 1 yard to the TRINITY20.
Trinity 2-11on Trinity20End of half, clock 00:00.